Sales Drivers

Drive brand sales at retail stores and online. Measure your merchandising and optimize your circular performance. Grow your brand share and volume.


The More The Merrier

2% of shoppers drive 80% of sales. Catalina helps retailers and brands drive efficient volume, generate incremental sales, and eliminate waste and subsidy, in five steps:

  1. Target high-potential, frequent brand and category buyers.
  2. Deliver engaging, omni-channel messaging.
  3. Sell at the threshold goal in a single shopping trip.
  4. Reward shoppers with cash-back on their next trip.
  5. Measure shopper behavior and redemption to gain valuable insights.

Hit Your Target

Shoppers ignore 93% of items sold in-store. Catalina helps retailers and brands find the highest-value buyers and escalate their buy rate (and returns) over time, in five steps:

  1. Target your highest-potential brand buyers.
  2. Deliver engaging, omni-channel messaging.
  3. Reward shoppers with escalating incentives in real-time.
  4. Boost buy rate with a digital media overlay to reach 
 shoppers between trips.
  5. Measure shopper behavior and redemption to gain
 valuable insights.

Walk And Chew Gum

26% of ads are wasted on the wrong strategies. Maximize the impact of every marketing dollar by reducing waste and over-subsidization, and expanding reach without expanding your budget. Catalina helps drive efficiency with these tools:

  • Post-Purchase Suppression: Block previously converted shoppers from future media to reduce waste.
  • Tiered Offer Values: Use historical purchase pricing to tailor offers and convert shoppers more efficiently.

Stake Your Claim

Grow your share of wallet by increasing trips and baskets with individual shoppers through long-term engagement:

  • Identify and Model Shopper Behavior
  • Deliver Personalized Engagement
  • Reward Cross-Category Purchasing
  • Defend Against Defection

Convert even more shoppers by personalizing your circular offers to each buyer across all channels.


Stand Out From The Crowd

Activate trial and repeat programs in real-time.

  • Stand out to shoppers who will have the most impact on new item performance.
  • Trigger omni-channel media around supporting store locations.
  • Accelerate growth of new items based on real-time results data.

Tried And True

Activate loyalty programs in real time.

  • Identify defector model shoppers and target loyal buyers at the most risk of leaving a brand.
  • Deliver retention-driving incentives.
  • Measure via test and control as well as overall ROI.
  • Understand buyer motivations and churn rates.

Make Your Business Personal

Extend the reach of your retail paper circular into digital channels, and deliver the most relevant content and personalized weekly deals to shoppers based on their past purchases. So you can stay top-of-mind with your best shoppers throughout the week, before and after their shopping trips.


Ad to Cart

Catalina offers a comprehensive set of solutions for retailers, brands, and agencies to understand e-commerce behavior, measure campaign impact, and target shoppers with media driving to online purchase.

You can also target shoppers from outside Catalina’s network with media to accelerate purchase at a variety of major retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, Target and pet e-commerce retailers.


See our Sales Drivers solutions in action.

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Wes Bean, Chief Revenue Officer at Catalina, recently responded to questions about the company, its offerings and points of difference posed by the Category Management Association (CMA) and Shopper Insights Management Association (SIMA). He addressed the meaningful value today’s shoppers are looking for and how retailers and brands can best connect with them in real time across channels to most effectively meet their needs, using tools like AI in retail marketing and Retail Media Network Scorecards to build loyalty and grow baskets in a measurable way.

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Dynamic shifts in the industry – like inflation and the rise of retail media networks – are changing shopper marketing. View our webinar, hosted by CMA/SIMA, on sharpening your shopper marketing strategies with Catalina’s Wes Bean, U.S. Chief Retail Officer and Premal Patel, VP/Managing Director UK.

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Catalina’s Sales Drivers arm you with a full array of retail and brand solutions proven to drive penetration, frequency, volume, and loyalty.