In-Flight MeasurementMeasure your CPG and retail campaigns in-flight to optimize faster.


Progress Pics

Observe the progress and sales impact of your marketing campaign by tracking conversions from the most recent period and to date. With key metrics updated every week:

  • Impressions / Reach
  • Response / Conversion Rate
  • Retail Sales and Units from Converted Shoppers
  • Buy Rate, Buyer Count, and Trial / Repeat Rates

Room To Grow

Calculate your campaign sales lift with total ROAS and sales decomposition. Incrementality reports are updated weekly and include:

  • Campaign Snapshot metrics
  • Sales Incrementality and Drivers of Lift
  • ROAS

Fix Your Mix

Identify the best mix of media, creative, and audiences for in-flight optimization that will most effectively drive conversions. Multi-Touch Attribution is the best tool for measuring multiple media channels and optimizing conversion in-flight. In addition to all the weekly key metrics from the Campaign Snapshot and Incrementality Reports, you can track:

  • Conversion performance by Creative, Channel, and Audience
  • UPC-level information for New-to-Brand / Category Buyers
  • UPC-level information for trial and repeat
Catalina’s Measurement & Optimization solutions enable you to connect with your shopper in a more personal, meaningful, and motivating way.

See our Measurement & Optimization solutions in action.

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