Personalize your digital circulars and catalogs with unrivaled effectiveness.

Make A Shortcut

Catalina’s Digital Circular Personalizer expands retailers’ circulars into digital channels, delivering the most relevant content and personalized weekly deals to shoppers based on their past spending.

This shortcuts your shopper’s path to purchase, driving more trips and bigger baskets.

Real-Time Results

Track your impact in real time on the Digital Circular Personalizer Dashboard, displaying all your key metrics as live results:

  • Customers Reached
  • Total Impressions
  • Average Basket Size of shoppers who received an impression
  • Average Days after shopper receives impression before trip
  • Heat Map
  • Proof Points
Digital Circular Personalizer In Action

Even though Catalina retailers were seeing basket growth, trip reduction was resulting in loss of share. And since 68% of consumers say digital influences their loyalty, retailers used Catalina’s Digital Circular Personalizer to expand their store circular into digital channels to drive incrementality.

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