As a trusted partner, Catalina has helped leading grocery, drug, and mass retailers gain shopper insights and power personalized performance for over 35 years. Here’s how we can help.


Identify your audience and where to best reach them with your message.


Analyze your consumer data and insights to understand audience behavior.


Deliver messaging that turns shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans.


Measure your media performance to optimize your content.

Identifying the Selective Shopper.

Shoppers have more product choices now than ever before. Only 1% of UPCs in stores are purchased by the average shopper each year.

Catalina helps retailers identify their most important shoppers and deliver personalized messages that drive loyalty.

Shopper History Repeats Itself.

In order to deliver a relevant message, retailers need to understand their shoppers on an individual level. That’s where we can help.

With Catalina, every message to every shopper is personalized based on past, present, and predicted future buying behaviors.

Think Outside the Big Box.

Reaching over 50 million shoppers in stores each day, nobody influences more shoppers than Catalina.

But we don’t stop at stores: we’ll help you activate your shoppers across the full spectrum of media, engaging shoppers personally and digitally before they walk in the door.

True Blue Shoppers.

With an unrivaled 80% readership rate and conversion rates of 7-25%, our solutions integrate directly with your loyalty, marketing, and sales goals.

By delivering personalized offers to your shoppers, Catalina helps drive repeat trips and larger baskets. Ultimately, this means stronger shopper loyalty and increased sales and market share.

Catalina’s open ecosystem of solutions was designed with retail in mind, increasing shopper engagement and driving sales across all channels.

See our retailer solutions in action.

Inflation Update: Catalina Shopping Basket Index Tracks Q3 Price Hikes Across Popular CPG Categories in France, Japan, and U.S.

To gauge the impact of inflation on grocery prices in the U.S., France and Japan, Catalina has updated its Shopping Basket Index to compare the aggregate price of 10 popular Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) categories in each country during the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

2022 Holiday Entertaining Purchase Trend to Watch – CPG Categories that Will Capture Shopper Attention This Thanksgiving

Catalina’s data analytics team IDs what’s likely to be the biggest appetizer trend this busy winter holiday season.

Catalina Identifies Holiday Bar Cart Trends: Low-Alcohol Wine, Ready-to-drink Cocktails Gain Momentum

Anticipating the countless holiday toasts sure to be offered over the next several weeks, Catalina has identified several adult beverage category trends that will likely impact the contents of both bar and shopping carts across the U.S. this holiday season.

INFOGRAPHIC: Catalina Identifies Holiday Bar Cart Trends

Anticipating the countless holiday toasts sure to be offered over the next several weeks, Catalina has identified several adult beverage category trends that will likely impact the contents of both bar and shopping carts across the U.S. this holiday season.

As Self-Checkout Lanes Multiply at Retail Locations Across the Country, Catalina Study Assesses Impact on Shopper Behavior & Sales

With self-checkout (SCO) lanes becoming more prevalent at grocery and drug stores across the U.S., Catalina has issued a study that shatters broad generalizations about shoppers not liking the SCO option overall and not using coupons when they do use it.

Catalina Delivers Marketing Automation Solutions to Measure, Optimize Shrinking Ad Budgets

Catalina’s Jessica Lan, VP, Omnichannel Media Solutions, explains how new omni-channel measurement tools can make your ad budgets stretch farther.

No End in Sight for Rising Food Prices, Consumers Seek Alternative

Private label grocery products, often thought of as a way to save money when grocery shopping, have seen an uptick in sales as inflation and supply problems have driven prices up. According to Catalina, shoppers are turning more and more to retailers’ store brands and away from name brands as they try to cut costs.

Are Shoppers Starting to Pull Back as Florida’s Cost of Living Rises?

Tampa Bay has seen some of the highest changes in cost of living nationwide during the pandemic — from soaring rents to double-digit inflation. After a booming economic recovery, retail experts, including Catalina's Chief Data & Analytics Officer Sean Murphy, discuss how consumers are getting hit by higher costs. Yet they’re still shopping.

Buy Milk, Earn a Catalina Coupon to Get More Free

As part of a government-funded pilot program for SNAP participants, thousands of shoppers in two states are eligible to receive virtually unlimited coupons to get milk and dairy products for free, for an entire year. It’s the ultimate in rolling rewards – buy milk, get a coupon, use your coupon to get free milk, get another coupon, and repeat.

2022 Shopper Marketing Trends – Know Your Shopper & Stay Ahead

Catalina’s US Chief Retail Officer Wes Bean explains why CPG marketers need to rethink the role of digital shopper marketing to reflect the growth of e-commerce and Retail Media Networks (RMNs). As budgets blend, real-time omni-channel measurement tools can help optimize ad spending by focusing on the audiences and channels that deliver the best results for a brand’s objectives.

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