RetailersAs a trusted partner, Catalina has helped leading grocery, drug, and mass retailers gain shopper insights and power personalized performance for over 35 years. Here’s how we can help.


Identify your audience and where to best reach them with your message.


Analyze your consumer data and insights to understand audience behavior.


Deliver messaging that turns shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans.


Measure your media performance to optimize your content.

Identifying the Selective Shopper.

Shoppers have more product choices now than ever before. Only 1% of UPCs in stores are purchased by the average shopper each year.

Catalina helps retailers identify their most important shoppers and deliver personalized messages that drive loyalty.

Shopper History Repeats Itself.

In order to deliver a relevant message, retailers need to understand their shoppers on an individual level. That’s where we can help.

With Catalina, every message to every shopper is personalized based on past, present, and predicted future buying behaviors.

Think Outside the Big Box.

Reaching over 50 million shoppers in stores each day, nobody influences more shoppers than Catalina.

But we don’t stop at stores: we’ll help you activate your shoppers across the full spectrum of media, engaging shoppers personally and digitally before they walk in the door.

True Blue Shoppers.

With an unrivaled 80% readership rate and conversion rates of 7-25%, our solutions integrate directly with your loyalty, marketing, and sales goals.

By delivering personalized offers to your shoppers, Catalina helps drive repeat trips and larger baskets. Ultimately, this means stronger shopper loyalty and increased sales and market share.

Catalina’s open ecosystem of solutions was designed with retail in mind, increasing shopper engagement and driving sales across all channels.

See our retailer solutions in action.

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