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Learn how Catalina insights can help you personalize messaging and deliver them to targeted segments for maximum ROI.

Inflation Update: Catalina Shopping Basket Index Tracks Q2 Price Hikes in U.S.

Inflation continues to impact grocery shopper habits with Catalina’s Shopping Basket Index showing Q2 price hikes eased slightly but remain high for 10 common product categories compared to a year ago.

Catalina Determines Halloween Trends, Challenges on Candy Front

With candy sales slumping amidst price increases this past year, per data insights from Catalina's Shopper Intelligence Platform, there are still steps marketers can take to pump up sweets sales heading into Halloween.

Candy Prices Rise Ahead of Halloween

New data from Catalina shows that candy prices rose significantly year-over-year in the latest quarter, opening the door for expanded private label candy programs.

Catalina Identifies Halloween Trends & Challenges on Candy Front

Candy prices over the past year have escalated at a scary pace, which has had a chilling effect on unit sales for several popular Halloween sweets, per purchase insights provided by Catalina's Shopper Intelligence Platform. Catalina has identified steps CPG marketers can still take with price-conscious consumers to put more treats in baskets this Halloween season.

Catalina Identifies Halloween Trends & Challenges on Candy Front

With candy prices up and unit sales down, Catalina advises CPG marketers on how to put more treats in baskets this Halloween season.

2023 Halloween Candy Trends: How CPGs Can Win This Season With Price-Conscious Consumers

With prices for virtually all sweets having risen frightfully over a year ago -- likely fueling a corresponding decline in unit sales, per purchase insights from Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform – how should candy marketers respond to put more treats in baskets this Halloween?

How AI, Responsive Marketing and Retail Media Networks Are Reshaping The Future of Retail

Wes Bean, Chief Revenue Officer at Catalina, recently responded to questions about the company, its offerings and points of difference posed by the Category Management Association (CMA) and Shopper Insights Management Association (SIMA). He addressed the meaningful value today’s shoppers are looking for and how retailers and brands can best connect with them in real time across channels to most effectively meet their needs, using tools like AI in retail marketing and Retail Media Network Scorecards to build loyalty and grow baskets in a measurable way.

WEBINAR: Sharpen Your Shopper Marketing Strategies to Drive ROI

Dynamic shifts in the industry – like inflation and the rise of retail media networks – are changing shopper marketing. View our webinar, hosted by CMA/SIMA, on sharpening your shopper marketing strategies with Catalina’s Wes Bean, U.S. Chief Retail Officer and Premal Patel, VP/Managing Director UK.

Unlocking the Power of CTV and Advanced TV Advertising with Cadent and Catalina

The VP of Channel Partnerships at Cadent – Andrew Horlick – writes this guest blog about the changing TV Advertising landscape and its growing opportunity for marketers, including cross-screen measurement.

Bridging the CPG Coupon Digital Divide is Good for Shoppers, Bottom Line

Wes Bean, Catalina’s Chief Retail & CPG Officer, explains how retailers can break down the ‘digital divide’ by combining digital coupons with in-store/in-lane media to give shoppers equal access to offers and incentives.