No Gaps. No Seams. We’ll help you segment customers, improve shopper performance, and build customer loyalty by harnessing real-time shopper intelligence to personalize communications and provide your shoppers with a seamless and responsive experience across all channels.

Audiences & Data Services

Insights that allow you to personalize messages in a meaningful and motivating way, with fully customizable segments.

Media & Activation

Ensure optimized offerings for individual shoppers with an array of channel-agnostic activation options.

Measurement & Optimization

Make in-flight adjustments and optimize with syndicated or custom segments combined with real-time analysis.

Sales Drivers

A full lineup of proprietary solutions for Retail and Brand, proven to drive penetration, frequency, volume and loyalty.

Analytic Services

"One Voice" media and content management that brings a whole new level of responsiveness.

Know Your Audience.

It’s important to identify the right audience so your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Our Audiences & Data Services provide you with over 700 syndicated segments with unlimited options to customize so you can deliver relevant messages and offers that drive high-quality outcomes.

To Each Their Own.

No two people are exactly alike, so no two people should receive the exact same message. To ensure an optimized offering for each individual shopper, we provide a full array of channel-agnostic activation options.

Measure Twice, Optimize Always.

You want to deliver messages that motivate. Your shoppers want content that’s relevant. Our measurement insights deliver the level of personalization necessary to make both possible. Oh, and you can deliver it against audience segments that are fully customizable, too.

Drive It Home.

This is where shoppers become buyers and buyers become fans. Convert your customers with a full lineup of proprietary Retail and Brand solutions proven to drive penetration, frequency, volume, loyalty, share, trial, and personalization.

Speak With One Voice.

Ask and you shall receive. Right away. In real time. With our “One Voice” media management, you can keep track of your content with next-level responsiveness.

Catalina’s open and flexible ecosystem of solutions gives you the power to seamlessly manage and maximize your customer relationships.

See our ecosystem of solutions in action.


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