Catalina has partnered with top agencies around the world to help them maximize clients’ shopper relationships with our unrivaled agency insights and analytics. Here’s how we can help yours.


Identify your audience and where to best reach them with your message.


Analyze your consumer data and insights to understand audience behavior.


Deliver messaging that turns shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans.


Measure your media performance to optimize your content.

Win-Win for Client & Shopper.

Your CPG clients demand personalization. Your clients’ consumers appreciate receiving offers, messages, and value relevant to their wants and needs. And Catalina has the experience and extensive digital media network to deliver personalization on a mass scale.

By targeting those with particular brand affinities, you engage and convert shoppers most important for growing your clients’ brands.

The Difference Isn’t The Data.

Sure, having purchase and behavior data insights for virtually all U.S. households helps. But it’s what we DO with the data that makes the real difference.

By digging into the data and drawing key insights, we’re able to understand more than just purchase behavior. We can understand the needs and motivations that drive those behaviors.

Equity Wasn’t Built In A Day.

But building brand equity doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, either. Personalized Digital Advertising from Catalina connects consumer behaviors to targeted media to generate:

  • Greater Brand Awareness
  • Unaided Brand Recall
  • Product Trial
  • Repeat Consumption

Which adds up to greater lift and loyalty for your CPG clients.

Optimize & Repeat.

Our closed-loop system measures the actual impact of a campaign based on actual sales - all in real time.

This allows agencies like yours to refine your clients’ messaging and offers inflight gaining both effectiveness and efficiency. Something most clients tend to appreciate.

Catalina’s open ecosystem of solutions is tailored to fit the needs of agencies with CPG clients who want to maximize their customer relationships.

See our agency solutions in action.

Inflation Update: Catalina Shopping Basket Index Tracks Q2 Price Hikes in U.S.

Inflation continues to impact grocery shopper habits with Catalina’s Shopping Basket Index showing Q2 price hikes eased slightly but remain high for 10 common product categories compared to a year ago.

2023 Halloween Candy Trends: How CPGs Can Win This Season With Price-Conscious Consumers

With prices for virtually all sweets having risen frightfully over a year ago -- likely fueling a corresponding decline in unit sales, per purchase insights from Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform – how should candy marketers respond to put more treats in baskets this Halloween?

WEBINAR: Sharpen Your Shopper Marketing Strategies to Drive ROI

Dynamic shifts in the industry – like inflation and the rise of retail media networks – are changing shopper marketing. View our webinar, hosted by CMA/SIMA, on sharpening your shopper marketing strategies with Catalina’s Wes Bean, U.S. Chief Retail Officer and Premal Patel, VP/Managing Director UK.

Unlocking the Power of CTV and Advanced TV Advertising with Cadent and Catalina

The VP of Channel Partnerships at Cadent – Andrew Horlick – writes this guest blog about the changing TV Advertising landscape and its growing opportunity for marketers, including cross-screen measurement.

Bridging the CPG Coupon Digital Divide is Good for Shoppers, Bottom Line

Wes Bean, Catalina’s Chief Retail & CPG Officer, explains how retailers can break down the ‘digital divide’ by combining digital coupons with in-store/in-lane media to give shoppers equal access to offers and incentives.

Performance Marketing: How Brands Leverage Purchase Insights for Real-Time Digital Ad Execution

Brenda Holcomb, Executive Director, Data Products and Marketing Content, provides her take on today's Performance Marketing data-driven tools marketers can leverage to accelerate growth while delivering a strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

How CPG Brands and CTV Can Create Spellbinding Results This Halloween

Sarah Faustino, Catalina’s Senior Director CPG Omnichannel Solutions, explains how purchased-based insights can help you capitalize on emerging Halloween trends and use CTV targeting to improve a campaign’s performance.

Summer Grocery Trends to Watch In 2023

Expect Canned Pre-Mixed Cocktails to be the most popular drink to grab from the cooler at BBQs across the U.S. this summer, according to data insights from Catalina. Party hosts are also shifting their tableware strategies for picnics, navigating sustainability trends.

Cadent, Catalina Expand CTV Advertising Partnership

Cadent and Catalina have signed a new multi-year agreement establishing Cadent as Catalina’s preferred platform for executing linear, addressable and connected TV ad campaigns for consumer packaged goods brands and Catalina as Cadent’s preferred CPG data, audience and measurement provider.

Catalina Solutions Deliver Results

This video shows how we use our real-time, 1:1 deterministic data to give you a deep reservoir of insights into your shoppers and optimize at every stage of planning, execution, and measurement.