A flexible ecosystem of solutions designed to maximize consumer relationships
What We Do

Using real-time intelligence and rapid responsiveness, we deliver persuasive and personalized customer experiences at unparalleled scale.


Identify your audience and where to best reach them with your message.


Analyze your consumer data and insights to understand audience behavior.


Deliver messaging that turns shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans.


Measure your media performance to optimize your content.

Identify your audience and where best to reach them with your message.

It's important to know who you're talking to before you decide what to say to them. Use our custom or syndicated segments to align better with your shoppers.

Generate insights by analyzing shopper data to better understand audiences.

This is where our data nerds get to flex their muscles. Our analytics provide incredibly precise insights based on years of consumer data to ensure highly individualized messages.

Deliver personalized messages that turn shoppers into buyers and buyers into fans.

Whether you are trying to penetrate a new market segment or build more loyalty among your current shoppers, we'll help you serve up relevant and motivating messages.

Measure your media performance to optimize your content.

Rinse and repeat. Measure how well your media and messaging is performing to inform in-flight adjustments that make the most of your media.

An Ecosystem of Solutions

Maximize customer relationships to either solve a business problem or capitalize on an opportunity.

Audiences & Data Services

Insights that allow you to personalize messages in a meaningful and motivating way, with fully customizable segments.

Media & Activation

Ensure optimized offerings for individual shoppers with an array of channel-agnostic activation options.

Measurement & Optimization

Make in-flight adjustments and optimize with syndicated or custom segments combined with real-time analysis.

Sales Drivers

A full lineup of proprietary solutions for Retail and Brand, proven to drive penetration, frequency, volume and loyalty.

Analytic Services

"One Voice" media and content management that brings a whole new level of responsiveness.

Catalina By The Numbers

Since data is what we do best, we'll just let the numbers speak for themselves.


Shopper IDs


Digital/TV Network IDs


Digital/TV Network Mobile Device IDs


Digital/TV Network Shopper IDs


HH TV Panel Data


Households with Digital/TV Shopper IDs


Sales Observed Annually


Shopper Trips Observed Annually


Annual Value Delivered to Customers


Retail Banners


Retail Stores


Total Lanes

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The Latest
Catalina Launches Interactive Cold & Flu and Allergy Heat Maps to Track Flare-Ups Nationwide

As allergy sufferers deal with wheezing and sneezing to varying degrees depending upon where they live in the U.S., and as the nation braces for cold and flu season to set in during the midst of a pandemic, shopper intelligence leader Catalina has launched two interactive heat maps to track the intensity and timing of these health maladies as they progress across the country. The data helps marketers of over-the-counter remedies and retailers pinpoint marketing opportunities.

Six Months After COVID-19 Declared Pandemic, Catalina Reports On Profound Shifts In Grocery Shopping & Buying Behavior

Six months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020, there has been a significant impact on grocery shopping behavior across the USA, according to shopper intelligence leader Catalina. Shoppers continue to spend more at the grocery store each month, while taking fewer trips. In August, spending per trip increased by 6%, with an overall increase from $310 to $330 per month, while shopping trips were nearly 11% lower compared to the same period in 2019.

605 Forms New Data Partnerships, including with Catalina, to Improve Accuracy and Speed of Campaign Measurement

605, a leading television measurement and analytics company, today announced new data partnerships with Catalina, PlaceIQ and Polk Automotive Solutions by IHS Markit, all the respective market leaders in shopper intelligence, geo-location and automotive information. The new relationships bring together ad exposure and content viewership with consumer behavior and business outcomes on a massive, unprecedented scale through 605’s TV measurement and attribution platforms: IMP4CT and PLATF0RM.

Who We Work With

No matter what your goals are, we'll help deliver relevant and specific value to each one of your shoppers.


Uncover insights to inform activations that increase shopper engagement and sales across all channels.


Pinpoint your shoppers to deliver relevant and persuasive content to build loyalty and share.


Reach shoppers across a full spectrum of media to build brand equity.

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Brands That Trust Us

Catalina has been a trusted partner of world-class CPG brands for 35+ years.

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