Inflation Hits 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Categories Unevenly

Sparkling Wine, Scented Candles Best Options for Value-Conscious Shoppers

Inflation isn’t impacting the major Mother’s Day gift categories equally, according to data insights from Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform. The National Retail Federation expects shoppers to spend $32 billion on Mother’s Day, the second most popular holiday in the U.S. following Christmas, estimating that Americans spent an average of $152 on gifts for their moms in 2022.

Mothers Day Inflation

Sparkling Wine and Scented Candle prices at grocery stores have risen 5% and 7% respectively in Q1 2022. However, the cost of Premium Box Candy, Cut Flowers, and Fragrances are all trending higher than the Consumer Price Index’s 8% rate of inflation for grocery store purchases in March 2023.†

Premium boxes of candy cost 18% more than they did for the same period in 2022, rising to an average price of $4.18. At $19.55, Grocery florist bundles of Cut Flowers are the most expensive option, a 10% increase from 2022. Prices of Fragrances have also risen higher (+11%) than the inflation rate, costing on average $17.23.

For value-conscious shoppers, a bottle of sparkling wine may be the best option. The average net price rose only 5% to $12.79 in Q1 2023. Scented candles are also a relatively economical choice. Their prices increased 7% to $7.50 for the same period.

These purchase data insights are based on a few of the 1,700+ syndicated and custom segments in Catalina’s extensive audience catalog, including Chocolate Candy Buyer, Greeting Cards Buyer, and Air Freshener & Scented Candles Buyer.

Consumer Price Index, March 2023