So What Is Marketing Automation? Catalina Delivers Marketing Automation Solutions to “Level-Up” Your Customer Acquisition (and Retention) Strategies

Brands are looking for measurable, data-driven omni-channel solutions that are designed to make targeting more precise, and ad buys more efficient.

What are Marketing Automation Solutions?

Marketing Automation Solutions, sometimes known as Sequential Marketing, use a sequence of ads to tell a brand story and ultimately prompt purchase. It delivers brand and performance advertising along a continuum, creating touchpoints in a planned manner over a measured time period. Often it can help brands hit multiple business objectives along the consumer’s path to purchase. Marketing automation strategies include:

  • Retargeting allows you to segment audiences in real-time based upon how they engage with your brand, so you can hone messaging and drive conversion. Retargeting increases personalization opportunities that may help bring a consumer back into the brand conversation.

  • Audience Suppression keeps specific people or groups from receiving an ad if they have already purchased your brand or recently bought a competitor’s brand. Like retargeting, it works in real time to see how consumers are engaging with your brand, except rather than add an engagement it eliminates one. Suppression works specifically to reduce redundancy and ensure media efficiency.

Together, these marketing automation strategies help brands produce stronger results and improve efficiency. For example, as a new frozen pizza brand was looking for the most efficient way to drive awareness, educate consumers, and incentivize trial amongst only its most valuable targets. Catalina’s marketing automation solution ensured that relevant consumers were exposed to awareness-building ads and only after viewing the ad three times were they served the trial offer. If a viewer purchased the product, then the trial offer was suppressed, generating significant savings on both media and redemption costs. With this approach, the brand recruited new users and gained back share while seeing a $2.80 Return on Investment (ROI) from shoppers who converted before receiving the offer.

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