Client: Caulipower

Caulipower revolutionized the frozen pizza category with its innovative, healthier options. In 2021, they partnered with Catalina on a high-efficiency, omni-channel, sequential campaign to effectively recruit new users and gain back share.

You could say Catalina is revolutionizing the way we think about personalized TV advertising campaigns.

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The Ingredients of New Growth.

With health food products trending, competition was sprouting up quickly. Finding the most efficient way to drive awareness, educate consumers, and incent trial among its most valuable targets only was paramount for Caulipower. They wanted to use TV and promotions to engage valuable prospects across multiple media. Catalina excels at efficient, multi-channel campaigns that drive results — so we went to work!

Targeting is Central to Our Special Sauce.

Utilizing real-time insights, Catalina identified Caulipower’s most relevant shoppers including lapsed and competitive buyers. Then through Catalina’s ID graph, sequential targeting capabilities, and partnership with Cadent, high value offers were served only to those who saw the TV ad 3 times but had not yet purchased. This campaign fulfilled Caulipower’s desire for sequencing their product messaging and managing costs by issuing incentives only to those shoppers that needed a little extra push to try.

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Powerful Rewards

Did we mention that Catalina measures multi-channel campaign impact, too? Catalina is your end-to-end partner for driving results for your personalized marketing campaign across any channel.

Spreading the Good Word


New Buyers

Brought into the Franchise

9% made month 1 repeat purchases

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* Includes annualized value of repeaters

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In redemption from buyers converted on CTV only