Client: Applegate Naturals
Deli Lunchmeat

During the back-to-school season, Applegate wanted to drive sales of their deli items through increased product awareness with the goals of: acquiring New Buyers, reengaging Lapsed Buyers and building loyalty with ongoing engagement.

20% 28M
Buyers New to Category/Brand Impressions
The Bread & Butter of the Campaign.

We developed a national, omnichannel campaign starting with select custom audiences exposed to CTV ads. By anonymously matching household CTV exposures and purchase behavior, Catalina responded with the appropriate, personalized in-store incentive.

For example, targeted shoppers exposed to CTV Ads who did not respond (by making a purchase) received an in-store incentive good on one unit to encourage repeat. Those who were exposed to and responded to the CTV Ads instead received a multi-unit offer to incent repeat purchase & build loyalty.

Naturally Appealing Results.

Catalina’s measurement services provided the Brand with detailed sales performance insights — by channel, by audience, and versus the competition. Here is just a taste of the results they saw.

Buyer Conversion on CTV Alone


Buyers New to Category/Brand


Total ROAS