Client: Personal Care Brand

After the less-than-successful launch of a new product innovation, this personal care brand came to Catalina for help in driving more volume efficiently.

By leveraging Omni-Channel Suppression, we were able to optimize their campaign by eliminating wasteful media spending on previously converted shoppers.

25% $62K
More Conversions Cost Savings
With no redemption cost to the brand. Generated from coupon suppression.
You Are Your Biggest Competitor

Upon the release of a new innovation item designed to drive category growth, this personal care brand did not experience an increase in franchise volume or share.

Concerned that the innovation had only cannibalized existing business, the challenge was to drive profitable incremental volume without overspending on promotions.

Waste Not, Want Not

Precious media dollars were being spent delivering ads to shoppers who had already converted. In order to drive volume without overspending, this brand needed to more efficiently convert shoppers and eliminate redundant media spending.

Efficiency Always Wins

By taking a phased approach leveraging omni-channel suppression, Catalina efficiently converted shoppers by delivering unique experiences based on purchase behavior.

  1. Audiences of category buyers were served personalized, precision-targeted digital media.
  2. Catalina’s media platform automatically identified shoppers who converted and those who did not convert.
  3. To increase efficiency, in-store media was delivered only to the shoppers who did not convert.
  • Results
A Lesson In Suppression

By suppressing in-store media to shoppers who had already converted, Catalina was able to drive 25% more conversions with no redemption cost to the brand.

Return On Ad Spend:
More Than Worth It

Digital Media
$3.40 ROAS

Total Campaign
$2.32 ROAS

Cost Savings:
Many Pennies Earned

Generated from
coupon suppression

For The Stars

Incremental HH Reach

Total HH Reach

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