Client: RXBar

In 2013 as trendy new diets and fitness programs were all the rage, two best friends set out to create a more nutritious protein bar. As the company grows, it maintains its innovative thinking — partnering to capitalize on the benefits of real-time media optimization by comparing multiple campaigns.

These are unusual
times, bar none.

The extraordinary marketplace disruptions of 2020 have made next-day insights imperative. Yesterday’s measurement tools providing results at the end of a campaign are simply not enough.

Most optimization efforts occur mid-campaign, wasting weeks of media investment. And for marketers that use real-time measurement, new questions arise on how to best reallocate budgets.

Real ingredients
for success.

Using granular attribution insights from its MTA solution, the Catalina Nerds established a test (optimized) vs. control (non-optimized) comparison of RXBar’s summer multi-channel media campaign.

Healthy results.

Starting in July, RX Bar’s banner ads were split across 6 audience targets. The optimized test campaign had the same channels and target splits but allowed for weekly media shifts and adjusted budgets based on near real-time insights from Catalina MTA results.

  • Results
An appetite for improvement.

See how having access to real-time insights put RXBar on the fastest, most effective path to conversion for their multi-channel media campaigns.

Improvement in
Return on Ad Spend

When comparing Catalina MTA
optimized campaign to the
non-optimized one

Incremental Sales

12 pt
$/HH when channels and targets
are adjusted more frequently

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