Client: Quorn Foods

Named for the village in Leicestershire, UK, where it was first created, this plant-based meat substitute brand knew it was losing penetration. Unfortunately, they lacked the depth of data necessary to identify actionable steps to address the issue.

So they called on Catalina. And we answered.

25% 5%
Higher Trial Rate Higher Dollar Sales per HH
Result of targeting Lapsed Brand Buyers with better, more relevant messaging. Result of identifying the most valuable buyer audiences to target.
Not Your Father’s Veggie Burger.

With growing consumer demand for meat substitutes, new competitors are regularly entering the market, pressuring brands like Quorn to differentiate and stay relevant.

Through a data partner they learned they were losing penetration though they had a strong Category Buy Rate. But this other partner’s data did not offer the full picture.

Let’s Get Granular.

95% of marketers admit they do not have the depth of data they need. So, Quorn put Catalina’s HUB360 to work. With custom category views, they identified the subset of brand categories and products that posed penetration and lapsed buyer challenges — right down to the specific UPCs.

Deeper Data. Meatier Insights.

Catalina then worked with Quorn to create a custom analytics tool. This provided key insights on the decision-making process and helped to address the switching rates between products.

Next, they leveraged these custom insights to inform the targeting for audiences most relevant to improving penetration, addressing what was most important to these Lapsed Brand Buyers.

  • Results
A better way to grow Quorn.

By leveraging HUB360 and custom insights, Quorn’s campaign significantly improved performance and drove trial, while spending less per buyer.

Trial Rate:
Miracle Growth

Higher Trial Rate.

Dollar Sales:
Grows on Trees

Increase in dollar sales per household.

Lean, Mean, and Green

Lower cost per unit moved.

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