Client: Energy Bar Brand

This energy bar brand wanted to increase purchase quantity and trial levels among current buyers across their portfolio. Building awareness among new buyers and equity with existing shoppers was a priority.

Their current media mix didn’t have the energy to both reach and engage shoppers higher in the funnel — so, they reached out to Catalina to help increase purchase consideration and convert shoppers into buyers as they get closer to entering the store.

Setting a High Bar.

Leveraging Volume Maximizer, Catalina deployed an in-store campaign to drive sales within targeted audiences, as well as Out of Home Media around select grocery retailers for 4 weeks. This activation not only amplified the awareness of in-store campaigns, but also drove additional trips and increased sales at participating locations.

Winning the Race to Drive Volume.

Participating stores showed an increase in awareness and spend, of promoted items, vs. non-participating stores.

Gain in Trips


Gain in Sales