Client: BUBBA burger
Frozen Beef, Turkey, and Veggie Burgers

With the increasing trend of Flexitarian consumers, BUBBA burger’s challenge was to maintain and grow its share while regaining lapsed buyers who have started purchasing from competitors. But how could they know for sure their efforts were effective and efficient? This is where Catalina’s In-Flight Measurement comes in handy to help you optimize for success!

38% 27.3%
Responders New to BUBBA burgers Increase in $/trip from existing Bubba Brand Buyers
Multi-Touch Attribution? It’s our special sauce.

BUBBA burger wanted to increase the performance of an upcoming mobile & desktop campaign by driving key KPIs like trial, retention, and – most importantly – return on ad spend (ROAS). Catalina used its Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Solution to make in-flight optimizations on channel and creative reducing media waste for the best results.

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An Extra Side of ROAS.

Catalina compared results from the MTA-optimized portion of this campaign versus the non-optimized performance. We learned that it pays to optimize!

Boosting Sales

Sales Lift

Maximizing Efficiency

Incremental ROAS

Powering Optimization

Increase in ROAS
Compared to Non-Optimized Campaign