Client: noosa yoghurt

Born on the sunshine coast of noosa, Australia, and raised in the foothills of Colorado, USA, this ingredients-first yogurt brand officially launched in 2010 into a crowded and competitive category. They then came to Catalina looking for a partner to help efficiently build their customer based with limited resources.

They came to the right place.

2-5x 3-4x
New Buyer Trial Rates Existing Buyer Retail Sales
Result of leveraging custom insights to target Highest Potential Brand Triers. Result of targeted offers encouraging engagement, frequency & fridge-loading.
New Kid On The Dairy Block.

As delightful as the product itself is, the yogurt category is a fiercely competitive and busy space. For emerging brand noosa yoghurt to drive growth while competing with large, established players, they’d need to be extra efficient with their resources.

The shoppers themselves posed a challenge, too. Inundated with 10,000 brand messages a day on an already fragmented shopper journey, these value-seekers are less affected by mass marketing and look beyond price when it comes to smaller niche brands.

Enter Catalina.

Who Wants A Try?

Partnering with our strategic consultants, noosa gained key insights as rich as their delicious whole milk yogurt. A yogurt we still needed to get people to try.

So the nerds at Catalina crunched the numbers from over 85MM households as well as shopper behaviors for over 80K products and brands. Considering variables including recent purchase, tenure, frequency and spending we created a predictive model for the profile of the Highest Potential Brand Triers.

Next, we developed a plan to drive trial.

Business Is Personal.

Leveraging these custom insights, past campaign performance, and best practices, Catalina identified three groups to target:

  • The most desirable New Buyers to acquire via product trial.
  • Existing Buyers to encourage engagement and fridge-loading.
  • Returning Buyers most at risk of defecting to a competitor.

Then we sent the target groups personalized offers via Catalina in-store media. Establishing specific test and control methods for each segment and program, we improved performance by refining buyer characteristics and offers in real time. Like a boss.

  • Results
Yogurt to the Power of Catalina.

We don’t like to brag. We like to let the numbers do that for us:

New Buyers:
Eat & Repeat

Trial rates were
2-5x higher

Repeat was
50-100% higher
than average brand repeat

Existing Buyers:
Retail Sails

Retail sales were
3-4x higher
than initial investment

Returning Buyers:
Back For More

Retail sales nearly
versus initial investment

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