Client: Blount Clam Shack

Refrigerated Chowders & Bisques

For more than 125 years, the Blount name has been synonymous with seafood. Made famous by their seaside clam shack in Rhode Island, their award-winning chowders and bisques are available to buy in store and serve at home. The business was looking to drive trial with new buyers and drive repeat with current buyers to build brand loyalty overall and extend the normal soup season.

Harvesting the most relevant audiences.

Blount Clam Shack partnered with Catalina for an in-store media campaign flighted across 3 seasons – Winter, Spring, and Summer. The learning gleaned from each season allowed for refinement to optimize ROI and provide direction for the next year’s investment.

Catalina being at the point of sale is a distinct advantage because our 1:1 purchase insights on nearly all U.S. households gives us unparalleled targeting capabilities. In addition, our in-store media network can deliver customized creative & offer values which can differ by audience & objective.

  • Results
Bringing in a whole lot of clams!

The campaign results really made waves for this brand as it accelerated and extended the soup season.

New Buyers Acquired
by Wave

Wave 1 = 3,776
Wave 2 = 6,299
Wave 3 = 9,906

Incremental Sales
by Wave

Wave 1 = $226,250
Wave 2 = $475,244
Wave 3 = $665,151

ROI by Wave

Wave 1 = $2.42
Wave 2 = $2.58
Wave 3 = $3.29

"Catalina has been integral in helping the Blount Clam Shack brand capture new buyers and drive repeat purchases with effective and efficient campaign spends that continuously optimizes results and ROI throughout each wave."

Nathan Hayden, Senior Director Brand Growth @ Blount Fine Foods