Client: Iconic Frozen Food Brand

On a mission to help families eat healthier, this well-known packaged brand came to Catalina for help measuring the sales impact of its Connected TV (CTV) ad on the featured sub-brand and the brand franchise overall. The results are as tasty as the dishes!

What We Saw
Incremental ROAS
in the short-term
for brand franchise

Benchmark: $0.70 - 0.80 for short-term ROAS
How to Make Sales Skyrocket

According to Adweek, more than 65% of marketers plan to grown their current CTV ad spend by up to 20% in 2021 following the global pandemic. This established brand was no exception. They called on Catalina for our precision purchase-based insights to reach their most valuable buyers and relevant prospects, and understand the impact of CTV on overall brand franchise sales.

Come Together Right Now.

Catalina's partnership with Cadent reaches 107 million U.S. households, linking TV and digital campaigns to in-store purchases to inform media optimization in real time and measure campaign efficacy. When combined with Catalina's powerful buyer intelligence, our food client was able to precisely reach current and competitive product buyers who purchased in the previous six months and understand CTV's direct impact.

Now You're Cooking.

By leveraging Catalina purchase-based insights and Cadent activation, this frozen food brand saw significant sales lift to its entire brand franchise when promoting only a subset of products. Connected TV could be the secret ingredient to your marketing mix.

Sales Lift
Ready, Set, Whoosh

For Brand Franchise

for Featured Sub-Brand

Shopper Insight
We Turned Heads

of Purchasers were
first-time Buyers

Return On Ad Spend
For the Short Term

$1.63 ROAS
Incremental For
Brand Franchise