Client: Jägermeister

Original 750ml bottle

Leading up to the gift-giving holiday season, Jägermeister’s 750ml bottle business wanted to drive volume and trial with new 21-year-olds. Having previously partnered with Catalina on another product line, the brand wanted to test the impact of combining CTV with an in-store promotion.

Spreading the Cheer!

Catalina used exclusive, real-time purchase insights and shopping behaviors to identify the Brand’s current and lapsed 750ml buyers, as well as predict the audiences most likely to try. We targeted them via CTV using Jägermeister’s current equity ad campaign – “Meister the Moment.™” Then we followed up by serving those audiences with a trial offer in-store in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Results
More Reasons to Celebrate the Season.

Catalina’s omni campaign worked at every point in the purchase funnel – from awareness to trial – helping Jägermeister bottles quickly fly off the shelf and into their homes for the holidays.

Blended ROAS


Overall Sales Lift

(vs. prior period)

CTV Sales Lift

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