Client: California Almond Board

Historically, it has been a challenge for commodity boards to link its media to category sales. For Catalina, this is what we do best! So, we partnered with the Almond Board on a campaign featuring the health benefits of almonds to drive awareness and sales.

Crunching the numbers...
CTV media measures up

Our UPC-level data helped identify relevant media targets and then we matched that anonymously to reach them with CTV at the household level.

With our Multi-Touch Attribution solution, we tracked which creative message performed the best and then optimized accordingly throughout the life of the 6-month campaign.

  • Results
Get a taste of these healthy results.

Looking beyond impressions, Catalina was able to connect how the educational campaign affected sales.

Sales-to-Cost Ratio


Sales Lift


Increasing Penetration

of buyers were
New to the Brand