Vermont Creamery: Emerging Butter Brand

Consciously crafted in Vermont’s green mountains, Vermont Creamery’s award-winning line of goat cheeses, butters, and crème fraiche got its start in some of New York City’s finest restaurants. After gaining popularity in food service, the brand launched at retail in 2019.

Vermont Creamery partnered with Catalina in 2021 on a national omni campaign for their cultured butter line, reaching 2.6 million households and delivering tasty results.

Butter Me Up

Vermont Creamery’s objective was to grow its cultured butter product line by acquiring new buyers and driving repeat volume from existing buyers. It needed Catalina’s geo-targeted approach and precise, purchase-based audiences – like franchise buyers, competitive switchers, and most likely triers – to get started.

Churning Out Targeted Offers

Catalina served digital banner ads to the trial audiences in and around locations where the brand was sold, exposing them to the Vermont Creamery brand. The digital non-responders received a trial coupon upon checkout as added incentive, while the responders did not – suppressing media waste. In addition, Catalina was able to identify new buyers and serve another in-store coupon to aid repeat.

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Whether you’re a new or established brand, Catalina is your end-to-end partner for driving results on your cross-channel personalized marketing campaigns.

Spreading the News

New Buyers Acquired

Waste Not Want Not

Redemption Savings from Cross-Channel Suppression

Smooth Like Butter

$2.46 ROI
Long-Term Total Sales

“Catalina has been instrumental to Vermont Creamery’s retail growth. They translated our brand objectives into a national omni channel campaign that ran seamlessly across digital and in-store channels. Their ability to coordinate media across digital and in-store channels, along with their impressive in-flight measurement tools, optimized our investment in real time, efficiently attracting new buyers and prompting brand fans to purchase our products more often.”

Allie Olson, Vermont Creamery Marketing