Client: Applegate

Natural & Organic Meats

Applegate’s diverse product portfolio has been experiencing increased sales over the last two years. Their challenge was to efficiently continue to acquire new triers, bring back lapsed buyers and defend own users — while driving cross-category purchases across their entire product portfolio.

13% 12%
Buyers New
to the Brand
Repeat Buyers
The Meat of the Matter.

Catalina, in partnership with Cadent, designed a custom, sequential omni campaign delivering HH level targeted CTV ads to 4.2 million existing and new buyers monitoring their consumption and purchase behavior in real-time.

Shoppers exposed to 3 ads who did not make a purchase received an in-store incentive to try new items, while that offer was suppressed for those who did buy. They instead were delivered an incentive to come back and purchase more cross-category items.

  • Results
Award-Winning Results.

The 27MM CTV AD IMPRESSIONS AND IN-STORE SEQUENTIAL OFFERS DELIVERED resulted in significant ROAS, Lift and Powerful Buyer Insights, which earned the 2022 AdExchanger Award for BEST DATA-DRIVEN TV CAMPAIGN.

Existing Buyers
Increase $/Trip*


Sales Lift*




*SOURCE: Catalina’s proprietary HUB360 Platform: Digital + In-Store HH Offers (excludes In-Store Transactional)

**Based on Test vs. Control methodology for digital and In-Store historical offer media channels, combined with, average lift assumption for In-Store media (transactional offer component).