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Retailers are facing an unprecedented shift in shopper behavior due to COVID. In order to drive more frequency and volume, Catalina has helped retailers create targeted, personalized offers across multiple categories using Share Builder.

5-13 to 1 $16
ROAS Incremental $/Buyer
The New Normal

Current events are causing dramatic shifts in consumer behaviors and redefining shopper frequency.

To reduce COVID exposure, shoppers are consolidating trips to a primary retailer, and retailers are facing the pressure to win that next trip.

More Trips, Bigger Baskets

By creating targeted, personalized offers across multiple categories, Catalina is able to provide the value retailers need to increase sales lift and trip frequency during unprecedented times.

Build Your Share

Catalina’s Share Builder directs hundreds of targeted offers to specific shoppers, driving increased frequency and volume. Here’s how:

  1. Model: Target shoppers based on purchase history.
  2. Personalize: Deliver a unique offer mix to specific shoppers.
  3. Execute: Retailer-specific media redeemable on their next trip.
  4. Optimize: Weekly performance reports inform adjustments.
  • Results
Catalina Retailers Go Big.

The following data are average results based on 10-year history over 150 campaigns.

Return On Ad Spend:
Bang For Your Buck

5-13 to 1

Incremental Dollars:
Cashing In

Incremental Dollar
per Buyer

Sales Lift:
Going Up

Sales Lift

Do you want to provide your shoppers value while building stronger loyalty?

See how Catalina’s Share Builder can help you win the hearts and minds of more shoppers during a dramatic shift in retail shopping behavior.