Inflation Eases For Popular Mother’s Day Gift Categories

Splurge this Mother’s Day As Inflation Slows in Key Gift Categories
Flowers, Chocolate Best Options to Make Big Impression

This year, you can make a bigger impression on Mom for Mother’s Day as prices drop for popular gifts found in the grocery aisles, according to data insights from Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform. But inflation continues to impact some key categories, including Greeting Cards and Pastries.

A mother and child next to average prices for Mother’s Day brunch items including eggs and croissants.

Brunch: Planning to make brunch for Mom? A few common ingredients are minimally less expensive (Bacon & Ham are each down 1%), while Eggs are 17% cheaper ($3.74) than last year, making them a budget-friendly option for a crowd. Skip the Croissants, however, which cost on average $4.82, an increase of 14% from 2023. Overall, the price of Mother’s Day brunch fixings fell 2% compared to last year.

Average prices for Mother’s Day gift items including a box of chocolates, flower bouquet and greeting card.

Flowers: The most cost-effective way to impress is with a bouquet of cut flowers. Prices dropped 9% from 2023 to an average of $16.83.

Chocolate: The bigger the better is the best strategy for buying chocolate, with larger packages (8 ounces or more) providing the best value at an average of $7.48. This is a 2% price increase from 2023’s prices, slightly lower than the Consumer Price Index’s overall 2.2% food inflation rate for March 2024.1

Greeting Cards: Mother’s Day Greeting Cards are still pricy, if you are among the 74% of shoppers who count on them to help you tell mom you care. At an average of $6.18 – an increase of 16% from 2023 – Mother’s Day Cards they are the most expensive of all occasional greeting cards.

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