Gen Z Holiday Entertainment & Shopping Habits: Practical, Easy for the Win

Expect Gen Z to apply their practicality to both gift giving and the way they entertain this holiday season.

Generation Z -- born between 1997 and 2012 – is the youngest, largest, and most ethnically-diverse generation in American history, comprising 27% of the US population. About two-thirds have finally left home, down from the 52% who moved in with their parents during the pandemic.

Easy entertaining solutions for In Real Live (IRL) Experiences
The oldest “Zoomers” – as they are affectionately known – are entering their “hosting era” as part of their first foray into adulting. Data from Catalina’s Shopper Intelligence Platform indicates they’ll once again be looking for easy solutions to food, drink and decorating.

Compared to other demographics, Gen Z over-indexed for Frozen Appetizers, Candy Canes, and easy-to-serve alcohol, such as Hard Seltzers, Hard Ciders and Canned Cocktails. They also offer booze-free alternatives such as Non-Alcoholic Cider.

Practical gifting to stretch their budgets
On average, Gen Zers earn $32,500, which is relatively low compared to older generations. Inflation has made it even harder for them to stretch their budgets, with a big chunk of their budget going to basic living expenses.

Yet, according to a recent survey 37% of Gen Z shoppers expect to spend more on their holiday purchases than last year. Forty-eight percent of Gen Z survey respondents also said they would buy their holiday gifts early if retailers began introducing their holiday deals and promotions sooner.

Data from last year’s holiday season indicates Gen Z shoppers will once again be looking for practical, well-priced gifts that will impress. Within Catalina’s network of grocery and drug stores, this demographic over indexed on gift set purchases of women’s and men’s fragrance sets last year, as well as men’s non-fragrance gift sets.

Connect with Gen Z using purchase-based insights
As you begin planning for the 2024 Winter Holidays, partner with Catalina for our 1:1 purchase insights to help you understand shopping behavior – whether it is for Gen Z or any other demographic! Our enriched purchase data and anonymous ID graph ensure you deliver the right message dynamically to your precise target across the right media most efficiently. If you want to drive volume, launch a new product, or maximize product engagement, contact us today.