Craft Beer Connoisseurs: Health Nuts with a Sweet Tooth?

Craft Beer buyers might be known for their love of hoppy goodness, but according to new data from Catalina’s shopper intelligence Platform, they’re also a health-conscious bunch – with one big exception - reaching for fresh produce and premium products more than your typical shopper.

Browsing the Produce Aisle
This Spring, expect these health-conscious, Craft Beer-fancying consumers to gravitate toward Fresh Fruits (+84%), Vegetables (+89%) and Hummus Dip (+47%) compared to average shoppers. They also purchase more than their fair share of other premium products such as Specialty Cheeses and Chai Teas compared.
Healthy Foods

Satiating their Adventurous Palates
Based on what’s in their shopping carts, Craft Beer buyers also have a more adventurous palate than mainstream beer buyers. Craft Beer buyers are more likely to buy Mexican and Asian foods such as Fresh Tortillas (+71%), Oriental Sauces (+55%) and Salsa/Picante (+59%), as well as Spices & Seasonings (+82).
Spicy Foods

Devouring Cookies and Chocolate, Too!
But our data shows these triathlon training, hiking and biking enthusiasts aren’t entirely healthy eaters. They’ll often use a swig of that Craft Beer to wash down sweet treats.

Unlock the Shopping Secrets of Craft Beer Lovers
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