2022 Holiday Entertaining Purchase Trend to Watch – CPG Categories that Will Capture Shopper Attention This Thanksgiving

Catalina has identified potential CPG growth categories for this busy Winter Holiday season, drawing on its reservoir of purchase data from past holidays. Analysts compared the 3-week period leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday for 2019 to 2021 and found several items have something in common – they’re likely to be part of a trendy appetizer plate.

Serving Up Charcuterie

For a dish that many couldn’t pronounce five years ago, this plate is becoming a household name. Charcuterie is a 15th-century French term for preserved meat from a pork butcher that’s come to mean much more today. Modern-day, fancy displays include Antipasto Platters with all sorts of prepared meats, cheeses, and breads, plus the occasional dried fruits, nuts, and more.

Comparing annual sales of these typical ingredients might not raise an eyebrow. Isolating the purchase data to the few weeks before a major holiday dining event like Thanksgiving, however, and you could suspect that charcuteries – or whatever you call them – will be back on the appetizer table in full force this year.

Serving Up Charcuterie

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