Yahoo Helps Advertisers Connect Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns to Online, Offline Sales Via Integrations with Catalina, Others

New York, NY - October 14, 2021 - Yahoo today announced In-Flight Sales Analysis (ISA) for digital out-of-home (DOOH), allowing advertisers to tie online and offline sales with DOOH ad exposures, as well as measure and optimize for near real-time campaign performance. The solution is enabled by integrations with leading and trusted data providers Catalina, Epsilon, IRI, and NCSolutions.

Ninety-one percent¹ of advertisers believe DOOH contributes to both upper and lower funnel key performance indicators like brand awareness and conversions or sales. Traditionally, lower funnel metrics like sales are measured weeks after a campaign. With Yahoo’s In-Flight Sales Analysis, however, advertisers can now understand performance during a live DOOH campaign and make near real-time optimizations to improve campaign effectiveness. Advertisers trust Yahoo’s industry-leading ISA solution to provide insights across a multitude of channels like video, display, native, audio, and CTV. Now, by expanding to DOOH, Yahoo is giving advertisers an even greater holistic, omnichannel view of their media mix.

“DOOH is a distinctive medium, requiring location, trusted data and sustainable identity,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Yahoo. “Yahoo is uniquely positioned in these areas, and - fueled by our scaled interoperability ecosystem and deep partnerships - can deliver meaningful connections to consumers, better monetization to DOOH partners, and transparency and performance to advertisers, to drive meaningful growth for all.”

“DOOH brings a valuable brand awareness component to the media mix,” said Mike Swan, Managing Partner at Liberty Interactive Marketing, LLC. “Being able to directly tie sales to the medium - and to do so quickly - further enhances that value. Yahoo’s In-Flight Sales Analysis is a powerful tool to help us better understand how our omnichannel campaigns are performing, and give us both the trusted insights and control to optimize for greater results."

Yahoo’s ISA for DOOH leverages mobile location data to predict exposed devices, which are then matched to trusted data providers’ purchase data. Key features of Yahoo’s ISA for DOOH include:

Choice & Control: Advertisers can work with the trusted data provider of their choice, gaining near real-time insights without the need to implement an additional tag.
Future-Proof Identity: With partner interoperability powered by Yahoo ConnectID, advertisers can feel confident in retained scale amidst a cookieless future.
Omnichannel: Through the Yahoo DSP, advertisers can analyze performance across video, display, native, audio, CTV, and DOOH.
Actionable Insights: Insights are directly actionable, enabling advertisers to act faster than ever, informing optimizations decisions quickly throughout the campaign.

Yahoo offers an end-to-end DOOH solution as part of its unified ad tech stack, providing a full-funnel buy-side suite as well as support for supply-side integrations, which count the industry’s largest DOOH inventory providers on its roster.

Quotes From Our Partners:
Enabling real time, data-driven decision making for DOOH changes the game for advertisers”, said Tiffany Southwell, VP of Out-of-Home Media at Catalina. “Having data to optimize inflight enhances DOOH’s effectiveness but more importantly, allows DOOH to seamlessly and efficiently be incorporated into the broader media strategy.”

“IRI has partnered with Yahoo’s sophisticated In-Flight Sales solution to offer a unique way for CPG advertisers to leverage the largest and most granular purchase-based data set daily so brands can better understand real-time purchase behavior as a result of media exposures,” said Jennifer Pelino, EVP of Omnichannel Media for IRI. “With ISA, advertisers are able to diagnose campaign components, such as creatives or targets, that are driving greater conversions amongst in-store sales to optimize their media against the most successful campaign tactics, increasing brand penetration and overall sales.”

"We are honored and excited to be included as a valued CPG partner for In-Flight Sales Analysis (ISA)," said Lisa Kerins, VP of Sales at NCSolutions. "DOOH is a quickly growing medium, and with ISA advertisers can apply the same optimization metrics that they use in other channels."
¹Yahoo DOOH Study, 2020

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