Catalina To Offer CPG Marketers, Retailers And Agencies New Targeting And Measurement Capabilities Across Television, Social Media And Programmatic Advertising

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, July 23, 2019 – Catalina Marketing, the market leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media that converts shoppers into buyers, will launch new audience segments and measurement offerings for U.S. CPG marketers in Q3 2019.
Catalina will introduce more than 700 syndicated and countless customized purchase-based audience segments, and sales lift measurement services, through the LiveRamp Data Store, enabling CPG marketers to securely communicate and deliver value to buyers across mobile, desktop and TV screens.

“Given the complexity of today’s data-rich digital world, it’s critical for brands to have a stand-alone data strategy that can be executed independently of their media, and applied across television, social media and programmatic advertising,” said Michael Shoretz, CEO of Beyond Better Foods. “As we focus on profitably growing our portfolio of healthy brands, I’m excited to see that Catalina and LiveRamp are integrating technology, data and delivery in a way that streamlines the precision targeting and measurement processes for marketers.”

Catalina and LiveRamp will help CPG brands, retailers and their agencies orchestrate more tailored audiences, while also measuring the effectiveness of their media across most major digital media channels. These new programmatic offerings will allow brands, retailers, and agencies to:

  • Deliver precise, deterministic “Shopper Personality” audience segments based on a wide range of purchase behaviors, product ingredients and lifestyle motivations.
  • Leverage Catalina’s proprietary ID Graph to map approximately 170 million loyalty-based shoppers to 390 million digital devices and 85 million households, delivering relevant 1:1 media based on shopper purchases over a two-year span.
  • Optimize media and audiences in-flight, measure the impact of a brand’s programmatic campaigns and attribute sales to working media spend, all based on in-store sales data at the UPC level.

“Catalina is already the leading source of 1:1 shopper data down to the UPC level, tracking two billion daily transactions across our U.S. retailer network.  We’re excited to fortify our audience targeting and measurement capabilities by partnering with LiveRamp to launch such a broad spectrum of syndicated purchase-based audience segments, spanning all major CPG brand and category buying segments, to brands, retailers and self-service programmatic buyers. Additionally, we’ll offer an unlimited number of custom segments that can be tailored to a brand’s unique customer insights and targeting requirements,” said Jerry Sokol, Catalina’s Chief Executive Officer.

“This combination of actual 1:1 purchase-based audience targeting, device identity resolution, and ad delivery with real-time attribution and measurement of in-store sales solves a major challenge for CPG advertisers who previously could not connect their digital shopper data and media spend with in-store sales results,” added Grant Ries, CEO of LiveRamp B2B and Executive Managing Director of Data. “Further, customers can now create audiences in LiveRamp’s Safe Haven environment. It becomes a virtual CRM system for CPG advertisers and enables them to create their own scalable data supply chains.’”

Catalina plans to further differentiate its programmatic, audience and data offerings by actively enriching its data with demographic information, ingredient-level insights, location-based data, panel data, and predictive behavior data (such as organic seekers or likely new product triers). The company will use a variety of panel datasets to expand its all-outlet network adjustment capabilities, while providing faster turnaround than the competition on sales-lift and ROAS measurement reports.

Catalina also remains committed to its full managed-service media offering, BuyerVision, which provides campaign strategies, custom targets, creative support, multi-channel activation, program management and in-flight optimization, as well as measurement solutions.

“Our partnership with LiveRamp is another example of Catalina’s ongoing digital transformation to help CPG marketers and agencies with every stage of media planning, execution and measurement,” said Brian Dunphy, Catalina’s SVP of Digital Business & Strategic Partnerships. ”Combined with our recently announced Samba TV partnership, Catalina now has extensive data and analytics capabilities to provide a comprehensive look at how all advertising, including TV advertising, is driving lift and in-store purchases for advertisers through both managed- and self-service options.”

About Catalina
Catalina is the market leader in buyer intelligence and optimizing hyper-personalized in-store and digital media to measurably drive, track and measure sales lift, converting shoppers into loyal buyers for leading CPG retailers and brands. Powered by the most extensive shopper database in the world, Catalina's mobile, online and in-store networks personalize the consumer's path to purchase, delivering $7.9 billion in relevant consumer value each year. Catalina has no higher priority than ensuring the privacy and security of the data entrusted to the company and maintaining the consumer trust paramount to the continued success of its business partners and its own. Based in St. Petersburg, Fla., Catalina has operations in the United States, Europe, Japan and Latin America. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Catalina.

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