Catalina Forms Innovative Business Alliance with Toshiba Tec in Japan

Catalina to provide coupon promotions to Toshiba Tec’s "Tec Coupon Deli"

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, March 8, 2021 -- Catalina Marketing Japan K.K. has formed a business alliance with Tokyo-based Toshiba Tec Corporation to expand data-driven marketing solutions for brands and retailers in Japan’s rapidly expanding in-store marketing space and to develop digital transformation (DX) services for various retail technologies.

As a first step, starting in April 2021, Catalina will provide a wide variety of micro-targeted brand coupon content to retailers, including supermarkets, general merchandise stores and drugstores across Japan, via Toshiba Tec's cloud-based, coupon issuing platform.

Toshiba Tec first launched “Tec Coupon Deli” in 2020 as a service for retail stores using its “PrimeStore” Point Of Sale (POS) system. Depending on the details of the consumer's purchase, the cloud determines in real time whether the consumer is eligible for a coupon and issues it immediately along with the receipt. Via the latest version of “PrimeStore,“ brand coupons can be issued together with receipts from existing POS systems and instantly provided to consumers.

Benefits for Retailers
Through its revolutionary “Tec Coupon Deli”, Toshiba Tec will be responsible for the dedicated cloud connection, and a wide range of retailers will be able to issue coupons from Catalina's expansive collection of major brand-names spanning many categories, with no basic monthly fee.

Benefits for Brands
In addition to connecting with Catalina's broad retail network of over 6,000 stores in Japan, brands will be able to reach new retailers via Toshiba Tec's "Tec Coupon Deli" network, enabling a wider direct reach to targeted consumers and delivering more effective sales promotion messages.

“In the retail industry in Japan, which is facing a serious shortage of labor, it is necessary to maintain consumer-oriented promotions while implementing labor-saving measures. In the past, retailers would develop their own promotions after meeting with each consumer goods brand and wholesaler, which placed a very heavy burden on them, and made it difficult for all but a few major retailers to implement such promotions. Our exciting alliance with Catalina Japan streamlines that process. Our making more promotional offers available to more consumers will greatly benefit retailers and brands alike,” said Kohji Taira, Vice President of Toshiba Tec.

“Through this alliance, we are excited to provide new solutions in the retail marketing area by combining and leveraging the strengths of Toshiba Tec's large retail network with Catalina's brand network and digital marketing know-how,” said Brett Wayn, President & CEO of Catalina Japan. “In the future, we look forward to continuing to work closely with Toshiba to expand data-driven marketing solutions for brands and retailers in the rapidly expanding in-store marketing domain, and to develop DX services compatible with various retail technologies.”

Added Wayne Powers, global president and CEO of Catalina, “We continue to be impressed with how our Japanese colleagues effectively drive innovation in Japan and across our network. We will be closely tracking the effectiveness of ‘Tec Coupon Deli’ and its potential to expand into other markets.”

About Catalina
Catalina is the market leader in shopper intelligence and highly targeted in-store, TV, and digital media that personalizes the shopper journey. Powered by the world’s richest real-time shopper database, Catalina helps CPG brands, retailers and agencies optimize every stage of media planning, execution and measurement to deliver $6.1 billion in consumer value annually. Catalina has no higher priority than ensuring the privacy and security of the data entrusted to the company and maintaining consumer trust. Catalina has operations in the United States, Costa Rica, Europe and Japan. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Catalina.

About Catalina Marketing Japan K.K.
A subsidiary of Catalina, Tokyo-based Catalina Marketing Japan improves the business of consumer goods brands and retail chains. The company has a network capable of directly distributing checkout coupons to over 100 million checkout customers every week for retail chains, mainly SM/GMS in Japan, and has built the "CATALINA 360 Platform" that seamlessly integrates online and offline touch points and data. By grasping consumer preferences, needs, and purchasing trends through Catalina's proprietary network, Catalina Marketing Japan supports the development of targeted marketing that delivers the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

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