6 Tips for Women Managers Climbing Toward the C-Suite

By Marta Cyhan, Chief Marketing Officer, Catalina

Catalina recently co-sponsored Adweek’s 2021 Women Trailblazers Summit, where I had the pleasure of participating in a discussion moderated by editor-in-chief Stephanie Paterik with Cadent Chief Data Officer & COO of Advanced TV Jamie Power.

At a time when 40-60% of middle managers are women at most companies--yet only 25% are advancing to the C-Suite--we had a wide-ranging conversation on how women can break through glass ceilings that are still way too prevalent.

Among our takeaways:
1. Be self-aware vs. hard on yourself, so you can play to your strengths while refining your weaknesses.
2. Specify what you want to improve upon with your mentors, so they can better focus on helping you work through a challenge or opportunity.
3. Practice kindness - and that includes being kind to yourself - especially during stressful times.
4. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. You should always be learning, no matter what phase of your career you're in.
5. Know how to ask questions and never be afraid to keep asking questions.
6. A lot of women feel guilty for being a leader and a mom, spouse, friend, sister. Learn to skip the guilt and recognize you're doing your best!

Watch the entire session: https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/WQmoXKex-nodhNlI0.mp4