Amplify Retail Media buys with DOOH

By Tiffany Southwell, VP, Out of Home Media at Catalina

The ferocious growth of Retail Media gives CPG marketers a way to connect to shoppers closer to the point of sale. It’s fueling the growth of digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising as brands look for smart ways to surround the customer when they’re near the store or walking the aisles.

By 2026, Retail Media Networks (RMN) are expected to be a $100 billion channel and account for 25% of digital media spending, according to BCG. A Retail Media Network is how a retailer bundles its digital media assets to sell to CPG marketers.

There is no shortage of locations and types of screens to meet an advertiser’s needs within and around a retailer’s physical footprint. They have a wide array of screen choices as new OOH publishers enter the market: Volta offers placement at retailer parking lot EV charging stations, Starlite Digital Media’s screens are positioned in store entryways, and Grocery TV’s screens are located in checkout aisles.

These new last mile and last aisle digital screens give advertisers an effective way to amplify their media efforts in a retailer’s physical environment when a shopper’s purchase intent is highest. The benefit of DOOH goes well beyond its location, delivering brands a safe, trusted environment with 100% viewability.

Data analytics demonstrate that DOOH is a highly effective vehicle for driving purchases during a shopper’s trip. We recently executed a four-week campaign with a major battery brand on National Retail Solutions screens at checkout in small, urban stores, prompting 13.5% sales lift versus the same period last year. And, the number of transactions including the featured brand grew by nearly 10%.

But what about screens that extend beyond the store? DOOH signs and screens generally fall into three categories that together can build brand awareness and target specific audiences:

  • Billboards: Standard roadway signs that are widely available in digital and static formats and reach a wide audience
  • Transit: Wrapped buses and trains -- along with taxi toppers -- also drive awareness
  • Place-based: Screens in specific types of locations such as gyms or shopping malls allow advertisers to reach a certain type of audience

Much like those in and around retail stores, these screens deliver highly viewable content with contextual relevance. With an average CPM between $5 and $20, they are also cost effective. DOOH is the perfect amplifier for drawing shoppers into a target retailer by delivering messages in real time along the shopper’s path to purchase. But does it work?

A recent study by Catalina and GSTV, which has media at fuel pumps in thousands of gas stations across the United States, proves that media outside of the store drives in-store sales. Mobile location data determined who visited a station, was exposed to the media, and ultimately made a purchase after viewing the ad.

A campaign for a major ice cream brand drove 17% sales lift in nearby grocery stores, with incremental sales yielding a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of $5.37. Nearly half (46%) of those buyers were new to the brand.

Out of home screens, both inside the store and out, are a proven cost-effective sales driver. Adding DOOH to your retail media strategy will maximize your investment.

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