Recent Shopping Data Reveal Large Shifts in Post-Pandemic Behaviors [Infographic]

As vaccination rates rise and COVID-19 restrictions ease in many parts of the country, Americans find themselves returning to in-person activities — and their recent shopping behaviors are providing an interesting look into consumers’ evolving lifestyles.

From in-person dinner dates to post-gym workout routines, Catalina’s Buyer Intelligence Database has uncovered major shifts across CPG categories and reveals how U.S. shoppers are adjusting their purchasing behavior post-pandemic.

Hosting At Home

As people open their homes to friends and family — refrigerated meal starters, refrigerated appetizers, plastic cutlery, and disposable cups all saw a significant increase in sales for the four weeks ending May 22, 2021, versus the same period in 2020.

  • Refrigerated Meal Starters: +74%
  • Refrigerated Appetizers: +46%
  • Plastic Cutlery: +11%
  • Disposable Cups: +8%

Chinet had the highest brand growth in the category — with a +39% sales increase in plastic cutlery and a +38% sales increase in disposable cups — during the same time period.

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In-Person Classes Require In-Person Lunches

Catalina’s retail data analytics show sales of portable kids’ lunches are on the rise — with certain brands seeing remarkable category growth. As Zoom sessions transitioned into in-person classes, the following categories saw impressive growth during the four weeks leading up to May 22, 2021, compared with the same period in 2020:

  • Snacks Combo Packs: +45%
  • Lunch Combos: +41%
  • Snack Cheese: +25%

Highest Brand Increase Per Category

  • Snack Combo Packs: Frito Lay +51%
  • Lunch Combos: Hillshire Farm +59%
  • Snack Cheese: Sargento +43%

Ready to Mingle

Shoppers appear to be ready to impress again, focusing on their personal appearance — with sales for clothes wrinkle reducers, breath fresheners, deodorants, and lipsticks all significantly outpacing last year’s sales data (when comparing sales data for the four weeks ending May 22, 2021, versus the same period in 2020).

Sales for condoms increased by 18% over the same time period, with Durex seeing the highest brand increase within the category.

  • Clothes Wrinkle Reducers: +47%
  • Breath Fresheners: +36%
  • Lipsticks: +24%
  • Condoms: +18%
  • Deodorants: +17%

Highest Brand Increase Per Category

  • Clothes Wrinkle Reducers: Downy +48%
  • Breath Fresheners: Tic Tac +51%
  • Lipsticks: Maybelline +66%
  • Condoms: Durex +32%
  • Deodorants: Native +88%

No More Skipping Leg Day

Shoppers also appear to be looking for ways to stay hydrated and soothe sore muscles for pre- and post-gym workout routines — with sales for isotonic drink mixes, fitness waters, and joint relief/therapy products all experiencing significant sales growth over the same time period versus last year.

  • Isotonic Drink Mixes: +56%
  • Joint Relief/Therapy: +42%
  • Fitness Waters: +28%

Highest Brand Increase Per Category

  • Isotonic Drink Mixes: Liquid I.V. +392%
  • Joint Relief/Therapy: Osteo Bi Flex +4%
  • Fitness Waters: Smartwater +28%

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Dinner Out On The Town

Sales at restaurants have grown for eight consecutive weeks, while same-store sales have started to soften in a number of food categories*. According to Catalina’s sales volume analysis, consumers appear to be balancing dining out with convenient meals at home — likely contributing to the double-digit decreases in the following categories:

  • Pasta: -20%
  • Pasta Sauce: -37%
  • Rice: -23%
  • Beans: -21%
  • Fresh Meats: -18%
  • Poultry: -21%
  • Cooking Oil: -23%
  • Spices & Seasoning: -22%

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Shoppers are adjusting their lifestyles as businesses reopen and usher in the post-pandemic consumer environment — and brands, retailers, and marketers should take notice. Learn more about Catalina’s suite of solutions that will help identify the audiences and their behaviors, which will help shape your CPG strategies for 2021 and beyond.

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Catalina Buyer Intelligence Database. Based on same store $ sales for the four weeks ending May 22, 2021, versus the same period in 2020

*Black Box Intelligence (May 2021)