Catalina Marketing Identifies Holiday Gift & Meal Shopping Trends Nationwide

What’s Filling Grocery Carts This Holiday Season?

With year-end holiday shopping shifting into high gear as parties, feasts and gift exchanges with family and friends fill calendars nationwide, Catalina Marketing has analyzed its unequaled shopper behavior database to determine which grocery and gift categories will surge in the days leading up to the year-end holiday marathon.

For people still looking for gift ideas, Catalina’s sales data for the week ending Dec. 27, 2018 showed men’s grooming gift sets were up 652% and makeup gift sets shot up 496 percent vs. an average week. Meanwhile, gift décor for the plethora of presents increased 440%.

Meanwhile, with millions now planning their holiday meals and parties, Catalina’s data showed that holiday shopping traditions vary widely by region:

  • The Midwest prefers heartier options, with shredded cheese sales up 93%, hearty dry soup up 85%, cocktail franks up 49% and Chili/Sauces up 45% over the national average.
  • The Northeast loves festive drinks and holiday nibbles, with specialty crackers up 109%, cider up 107% and carbonated cocktail mixes up 77% vs. the national average.
  • In the South, holiday evening fun often extends into the next morning with overnight guests also enjoying breakfasts featuring canned ham (up 123%), biscuit mixes (up 90%) and breakfast sausage (up 49%) compared to the national average.
  • In the West, many folks spend the holidays around a cozy fireplace, with fire log sales up 32%, ready-to-serve soup up by 33%, milk modifiers up 21% and eggnog up 10%, again over the national average.

“It’s always eye-opening to see the differences in what people are buying around the country,” said Marta Cyhan, Catalina’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our ability to identify shopping trends and insights for our retail and CPG brand customers during key sales periods provides them with a real competitive advantage as they plan smarter and more strategic marketing programs.”

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