Catalina Launches Segment-Targeted Load to Card with Targeted Digital Coupon Offers at Scale

SL2C allows brands to segment offer values and purchase requirements for each consumer in a category based on shopping behavior

Catalina, the personalized digital media company, is introducing an all new purchase-based digital coupon solution called Segment-Targeted Load to Card (SL2C).  An industry first, Catalina leverages scaled shopper insights to deliver targeted offers to shoppers based on their past purchases. SL2C improves the impact and value of any campaign by engaging the right consumers with the right offers to increase response rates and avoid subsidization.

Catalina’s SL2C solution combines data-driven targeting and massive scale. It has the capacity to engage category buyers through digital channels at more than 2,700 stores, and growing, across the United States. Marketers can choose to target just their own brand buyers with tiered offerings and purchase requirements based on historic buying behavior or all shoppers in a category, including those who have never bought the brand.

By structuring offers that incentivize each shopper to purchase more of a brand than they ordinarily would, it dramatically reduces subsidization. SL2C can be used as a standalone program or to augment other in-store Catalina campaigns or Shopper Marketing programs.

SL2C joins Catalina’s other two digital offerings – an untargeted load-to-card solution (UL2C) in over 23,000 stores and a precision-targeted offering (TL2C) that is used in combination with Catalina’s effective in-store media network.

“Segment-Targeted Load to Card is a highly efficient media solution with tremendous scale so marketers can meaningfully impact sales volume, lifetime value and share of requirements for their brands,” said Steve Prebble, Group Vice President of Digital Promotions for Catalina. “We’re excited to deliver this all-digital, data-driven marketing solution to our clients and partners for the first time.”

About Catalina

Catalina’s personalized digital media drives loyalty and measurable sales outcomes for the world’s leading CPG retailers and brands. Catalina personalizes the consumer’s path to purchase through mobile, online and in-store networks powered by the largest shopper history database in the world. Catalina is based in St. Petersburg, FL, with operations in the United States, Europe and Japan. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Catalina.