Catalina Launches Catalina Catalyst to Accelerate Growth for Emerging Brands

New, Proprietary HUB™ Offers Clients Anytime Access to Unrivaled Consumer Purchase Analytics & Insights

Inspired by massive shifts in the data and digital-driven market for emerging consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands – where every penny and every shopper matters – Catalina today announced the launch of Catalina Catalyst, an integral part of its Marketing as a Service (MaaS) model. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, Catalina’s new consultative approach to its fast-growing Emerging Brands business is helping drive sales for brands currently generating $1 billion or less in annual revenue. Specifically, Catalina Catalyst offers Emerging Brands: - A proprietary suite of online, in-store and mobile marketing and promotion platforms to drive sales results that deliver impressive Returns on Advertising Spending (ROAS) and Returns on Investment (ROI) at the greatest possible scale with highly granular audiences. - Unprecedented, direct access to the HUB™ — Catalina’s new, proprietary, always-on insights and analytics portal that helps identify purchase-based, behavioral insights that can directly create real shopper moments. - Access to a massive media network that can influence a shopper online, on mobile, and in store with highly efficient, precision-targeted, behavior-changing messaging that delivers over $6.7 billion of value to shoppers annually. - End-to-end, strategic marketing support via cross-functional and fully integrated teams comprised of senior specialists in data science, sales, marketing and the emerging market previously unavailable to smaller brands. - A highly precise analysis of the ROI and/or ROAS for working and non-working media expenditures.

“Every penny – and every shopper – matters to Emerging Brands. Catalina Catalyst offers these brands an unrivaled consultative service to accelerate brand growth via real-time insights, analytics, and the ability to optimize shopper campaigns and communications in the moment – on mobile, online, or in-store – to stay ahead of the market,” said Gregory Mann, President of Catalina Emerging Brands.

“We truly believe that Catalyst and the HUBTM together are gamechangers. This marks the first time we are giving our clients direct access to an unparalleled depth and breadth of previously inaccessible insights, which span two years of purchase data relating to 650 million shopper ID’s worldwide and 2 billion scanned Universal Product Codes. And, we can deliver all this in real time – which we believe stands head and shoulders above insights offered by other syndicated providers. It also creates a platform for interacting more intimately and frequently with our clients. By deepening these relationships, we can be even more agile in our market approach, and help them reach their growth goals even faster, whether online, on mobile, or in-store,” said Mann.

“This consultative sales performance model is enabling us to provide even greater value to our Emerging Brands clients and engage with them across more aspects of their business,” added Mann. “More than ever, our clients are looking to us to build precise strategies to connect them with their most highly-valued shoppers, better understand their behavior and preferences, and drive measurable results. That is exactly what Catalyst was created to do.”

Catalina Catalyst is the lynchpin to Catalina’s new holistic Marketing as a Service (MaaS) model, which is now offering a clearly structured, tiered approach for emerging brands to pick and choose the services that are most important to them.

About Catalina

Catalina’s personalized digital media drives loyalty and measurable sales outcomes for the world’s leading CPG retailers and brands. Catalina personalizes the consumer’s path to purchase through mobile, online and in-store networks powered by the largest shopper history database in the world. Catalina is based in St. Petersburg, FL, with operations in the United States, Europe and Japan. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Catalina.