Catalina Launches Ad2Offer, Digital Incentive Solution That Increases Ad Performance And Drives Increased Sales

Ad2Offer Reduces Ad Waste Combining Brand Advertising with Consumer Incentives to Increase Sales by 30%

Catalina, the shopper intelligence and personalized digital media company, today announced availability of Ad2Offer, a breakthrough solution that combines precision-targeted digital advertising with seamless redemption of purchase incentives to drive exceptional sales results for brands and retailers.

Ad2Offer digitally delivers purchase incentives in targeted digital advertising pinpointing consumers to increase trial, volume and loyalty to individually targeted shoppers. Ad2Offer represents a new way for CPG marketers to precisely deliver value to shoppers with digital advertising, including desktop, mobile and native ads to high value shoppers who drive incremental sales and avoid subsidy. Ad2Offer makes offer redemption frictionless, engaging digital consumers who do not routinely search for coupons but will use them if their experience is simple and easy.

Digital advertising that incorporate a redeemable offer generate 30 percent higher sales than ads that do not, according to an A2Offer analysis by Nielsen Catalina Solutions. Sales among targeted shoppers are higher even among those who do not redeem the offer.

“CPG advertisers want their digital spend to go farther and deliver measureable results against brand objectives,” said Tom Corley, EVP and President US Retail and Established Brands “The Ad2Offer solution delivers on that need. For the first time, they can combine 1-to-1 shopper targeting at scale with an integrated brand ad and incentive that delivers superior sales results measured at point of sale. No other digital media company can do that.”

Ad2Offer is available through Catalina’s BuyerVision digital advertising platform.

Catalina’s rich insights into shopper preferences combined with its BuyerVision Ad Platform allows Ad2Offer to:
- Identify and target the right households to reduce subsidization
- Find shoppers based on specific brand goals, such as increasing trial, repeat purchasing, and sales volume.
- Create purchase-based audience matches of up to 90 percent of US households.
- Engage high value consumers who do not ordinarily search for coupons, but will use them if the redemption process is seamless and easy

Making Redemption Seamless
Ad2Offer incentives can either be printed or loaded to a shopper’s loyalty card. Advertisers can choose whether to include both options or either one of these redemption methods.

Ad2Offer printed coupons are redeemable nationwide wherever paper coupons are accepted. Ad2Offer digital redemption is available at some 20,000 US store locations across Catalina’s growing digital network.

About Catalina
Catalina’s personalized digital media drives lift and loyalty for the world’s leading CPG retailers and brands. Catalina personalizes the consumer’s path to purchase through mobile, online and in-store networks powered by the greatest shopper database in the world. Catalina is based in St. Petersburg, FL, with operations in the United States, Europe and Japan. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Catalina.

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