Catalina Catalyst Introduces “Launch Pad” to Dramatically Improve New Product Success Rate

Launch Pad offers pay-per-shopper pricing … Brands pay only for shoppers who purchase their new products

Catalina is introducing Launch Pad to solve one of the biggest pain points for emerging brands when it comes to launching new products in today’s increasingly chaotic and competitive marketplace. Launch Pad leverages Catalina’s proprietary big data – encompassing two years of shopper intelligence and purchase behavior – to help CPG companies find the shoppers most likely to purchase their new product, and then deliver relevant marketing, ads and/or promotions to those shoppers anytime and anywhere to encourage trial and repeat purchases – on mobile, in-store and online.

Catalina can guarantee results on a massive scale across 85 million U.S. households - at a fraction of the cost of competitors – something no other company can offer.

Launch Pad helps Emerging Brands precisely target the right shoppers with new products relevant to them at a known cost, and eliminates the risk of blowing through a product launch budget with unknown or limited results. Launch Pad’s innovative, outcome-based, pricing model enables customers to pre-determine the amount they want to spend to acquire a new buyer, a repeat buyer and/or sell a specific number of units - taking the guesswork out of a new product’s chances to succeed.

“In a world where 30,000 new products hit the shelves each year and shoppers tend to buy the same 150 items repeatedly, the challenge for Emerging Brands is daunting. Only 8.3% of those new items will reach greater than 30% distribution – and only 1% of those products will exceed $10 million in sales,” said Gregory Mann, President of Emerging Brands at Catalina. “Emerging Brands desperately need known solutions at a clear and fixed cost to find new shoppers to try and continuing buying new products. They can’t afford to experiment with unknowns or hopes and prayers. Some of the solutions out there are extremely expensive, or they can’t be scaled or measured. Launch Pad provides the certainty marketers have craved for so long.”

“Our customers are extremely excited about the unique pricing options Launch Pad provides because it directly addresses the long-standing problem of waste, over-spending, and mass-marketing new products with limited odds of success,” added Mann. “Historically, research shows that the cost of customer acquisition for consumer goods has been incredibly expensive – on average $22 per individual buyer. And it’s long been a challenge to create the right marketing program that connects with shoppers who match a brand’s core values at the right time and in the right place whether on mobile, in store, or online. Launch Pad does all that and more – and at a fraction of the cost – guaranteed.”

To further drive sales, the Catalina Catalyst team uses Launch Pad to deliver its customers a variety of shopper insight reports that measure and propel positive results for future gains:

  1. Item Tracker – Understand trial and repeat behavior for a given item, thanks to data housed in the HUB™, Catalina’s proprietary, real-time database that tracks 505 million unique shopper IDs in the U.S. alone each year. Partners have anytime access to track results alongside Catalina.
  2. Source of Volume – Understand where new consumers are sourced to improve future outreach efforts. An analytics team is assigned to slice and dice this data to develop insights to drive sales.
  3. Brand Buyer Profiles – Gain a greater understanding of specific new product buyers, their preferences, and what motivates them to buy, and apply those learnings to a brand’s entire sales and marketing program.

Launch Pad is the latest innovative tool Catalina has added to its new consultative Catalina Catalyst model designed for the company’s fastest-growing market segment: Emerging Brands with less than $1 billion in annual sales.

“Net, Launch Pad helps take much of the uncertainty, risk and expense out of launching new products. It allows our customers to target their highest-value shoppers anytime and anywhere, with highly relevant messaging and offers that are redeemable at any retailer,” said Mann. “The upside potential is enormous.”

About Catalina

Catalina is committed to helping manufacturer and retail brands deliver unprecedented performance and healthier outcomes. With proprietary and integrated in and out-of-store marketing platforms—including, Catalina enables the delivery of the right message to the right audience in the right environment. Catalina leverages the world's largest, transaction-level, shopper-data warehouse to develop, deliver, and measure shopper and patient-driven engagements to approximately 90M households and 130M health consumers, annually. Media distribution channels include 50,000 food, drug and mass locations worldwide, including 18,000 US pharmacies. Catalina is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, with operations in the US, Europe and Japan.

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