• Press Releases – March 2020

    • Covid-19 Continues To Profoundly Impact Shopper Behavior And Buying Decisions At Retail

      Many Categories Previously in Decline Such as Bleach, Aluminum Foil, Canned Meat Stews and Fire Logs Experience Resurgence

      Prospect of Working from Home and “Sheltering in Place” also Leads to Sales Increases for Books, Magazines, Toys, Puzzles, Contraceptives & More

      Total Dollar Sales Per Store Up 60% as Store Trips Increase 17%, Basket Sizes Increase 37%

      Catalina Marketing, the leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media for CPG brands and retailers, has continued to mine its unparalleled Buyer Intelligence Database for the fourth consecutive week to track sales in those categories experiencing either spikes or declines as the U.S. population pays closer attention to the…

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    • Catalina Identifies Shopper Insights Into Decade’s Three Hottest Growing Categories: CBD, Plant-based, and Premium Pet Food

      CBD Shoppers Soar 510%; Non-Dairy Yogurt Buyers Grow 45%; Heavy Premium Pet Food Buyers Are 3x More Valuable

      To help its CPG and retail customers invest marketing budgets wisely and better target those shoppers most likely to buy their brands, Catalina, the market leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media, has taken a deep dive into its unprecedented Buyer Intelligence database to identify hot shopping trends related…

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