• News Articles – May 2013

    • Nielsen Catalina Solutions Launches AdVantics On Demand for TV

      Purchase Behavior Based Single Source Platform to Play Key Role in Media Activation

      CINCINNATI - Nielsen Catalina Solutions launches its signature single source software offering, AdVantics on Demand™, which will enable consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers, their agencies, and media companies to better match advertising with desired “buyer-rich” audiences based...

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    • MMA 2013 — NY Forum Recap

      MOBILE's Big Differentiators MOBILE is a one-to-one media channel and LOCATION is MOBILE's big differentiator. These devices give consumers the ability to find anything they need in real-time and for marketers (with opt-in permission) to find their best customers and prospects when they are in active shopping/buying mode. 40% of…

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    • Nielsen Catalina Debuts TV Ad Matching Tool

      In the US, shopper insight specialist Nielsen Catalina Solutions has launched a tool called AdVantics On Demand, allowing clients to link TV ads with appropriate audiences, based on actual retail purchase data.

      Initially covering national TV media, the AdVantics On Demand solutions will offer a web-based platform through which media...

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    • Mondelez International exec: Focus on understanding entire customer journey

      During the "Mobile Marketing: Demographics are Dead" session, executives from Mondelez International, Catalina and Ansible spoke about how marketers can leverage purchase behavior to trigger contextually-relevant messages to consumers. The session was moderated by Sarah Fay, former CEO of Aegis Media North America.

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    • Buyergraphics 101

      Have you ever sat down to watch a night of good old fashioned cable TV and wondered why your favorite graphically violent serial about zombies or meth cooking school teachers is being attached to advertisements trying to sell you on probiotic yogurt? It’s not because the media executive in charge...

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    • Mullins: 'Big Data' Connects the Dots

      […]This gem of insightful data comes from a collaboration between two exclusive companies in the Tampa Bay region.
      On one side is the TV ratings tracker Nielsen, which has a monster-size and futuristic data center in Oldsmar that tracks viewing of nearly every TV show and commercial on…

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    • Mobile-Based Buyers Zero In On Purchase Data, Ad Targeting

      The promise of location-based targeting has long been a selling point for mobile advertising. With more people using their phones as mobile wallets, targeting by purchase behavior is emerging as an option to lure marketers to mobile.

      Purchase-based targeting was the focus of a panel titled "Mobile Marketing: Demographics Are...

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    • Panelists Debate Impact of E-Commerce

      Grocers will cede about 11% of their sales to online channels in the next 10 years, according to research presented at Food Marketing Institute’s Future Connect conference here this week — but not all agree with that assessment.


      John Miles, chief technology officer at Catalina, also offered support for...

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