• News Articles – July 2012

    • Supermarkets add mobile to the shopping list

      Grocery shopping seems like a great fit for mobile because it enables consumers to always have a shopping list and coupons handy on their smartphones. However, while supermarkets have moved slowly into mobile so far, there are signs this is beginning to change. The number of grocery retailers with a…

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    • Infographic: Rethinking demographic targeting in brand advertising

      Direct marketing is often a demographics-centric science, but a new study from Catalina finds that demographic characteristics are not always strong indicators of a consumers' purchasing behavior. This could possibly be that brand targeting is often missing its mark—or that demographic predictors are simply not as effective for direct marketers...

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    • Marketers Waste Millions on Wooing Demos Consumer data will render sex- and age-based targeting obsolete

      Nearly a century after John Wanamaker first gave voice to the entropic theory of advertising, marketers remain in thrall to a fundamentally profligate system.

      “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half,” the department store magnate said in 1919. And given...

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    • Study: Many Marketers Missing Key

      It’s hard to believe, but in these times awash in data and information, marketers are still reliant on old demographic media buys. And they are passing up some of their most valuable consumers in the process. 

      According to a study from Catalina Marketing that looked at a cross-section...

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    • Simple demographic targeting on national advertising misses the mark

      Simple demographic targeting does not weight advertising exposures toward households that have greater purchasing value, according to a study by Catalina Marketing released Monday. The study shows that, for a cross-section of major consumer brands, an average of just 15% of television ad exposures reach the households that account for...

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