• News Articles – February 2012

    • CSP Daily News: Coupon Sharing

      Coupon aggregation and the ability to share specific ones with friends on Facebook is now easier to do, according to a technology firm that announced its new mobile-shopping solution.

      Modiv Media introduced the latest enhancement, called "Modiv Social," to its "Modiv Mobile" product, originally created to aggregate coupons from any...

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    • 10 Things You Need to Know to Start Your Week

      Modiv Media has introduced a mobile-social coupon feature to its mobile shopping solution. Modiv makes retailer-branded apps that let shoppers scan, bag, and checkout with their smartphones while also offering targeted offers. With the new feature, retailers will be able to offer coupons from a variety of sources...

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    • Modiv Media Introduces Mobile-Social Coupon Sharing

      Mobile commerce solutions firm Modiv Media is rolling out Modiv Social, enabling retailers to offer shoppers a digital wallet experience that aggregates coupons from any source (web, retailer, mobile, etc.) while allowing shoppers to share select mobile coupons via Facebook.

      Modiv Social bolsters the existing Modiv Mobile retailer-branded shopping solution...

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    • Marketers Curious About Modiv Media's New Mobile-Social Coupon Sharing Feature

      Marketers are curiously beholding the latest offering from Modiv Media – a provider of in-store mobile commerce solutions. On Monday, the company raised the curtain on Modiv Social. What is it, exactly? According to team at Modiv Media, it’s the industry’s “first mobile-social coupon sharing solution.”

      Modiv Social apparently lets...

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    • "Mobile-izing" Grocery Shopping

      The "mobile-ization" of grocery shopping is underway as both smartphone apps and hand-held scanners move into more supermarkets and more shoppers' hands, shifting the actual point of sale away from the front of the store and into the aisles.

      What are the impacts of this "mobile-ization"?

      For shoppers: More efficient...

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    • Digital Apps Mobilize Smartphone Shoppers

      Strategies that shift labor from store associates to shoppers have elicited mixed reviews from retailers and the consumers they’re designed to empower.

      Last year, Albertson LLC scrapped its self-checkouts for more face time and Big Y uprooted self-serve lanes, finding them more of a vexation than time saver.

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    • Is Your Mobile Strategy APPealing?

      Executive Summary <ul> <li>Right now, 90 million Americans own smartphones, and by 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online. To get their attention, CPG marketers have unleashed an avalanche of mobile applications (apps) for shoppers.</li> <li>An app, however, is just a gadget; a mobile strategy…

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    • Digital Patient-Centric Communications: Listen and Learn

      Renee Selman is President of Catalina Health®, a company that uses a proprietary database platform at the pharmacy point-of-care and can see the evolving prescription histories of over 130 million health consumers.  They use this precise transaction-level insight to help clients develop customized, measureable messages that can incite healthier patient...

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