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    • Catalina Unveils Marketing Investment Planner To Identify Profitable Campaigns

      Catalina has launched its Catalina Investment Planner, a planning application designed to enable retailers and CPG brands to build campaigns based on real-time metrics and predicted sales results from various scenarios. The Investment Planner aims to take the guesswork out of campaign design and planning, so brands can focus on…

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    • Engaging Drug Store Shoppers in Today’s ‘and’ World

      In today’s retail and consumer packaged goods marketplace, consumer shopping habits are changing rapidly. Households have more choices in where and how they shop, what they buy, and how they engage with retailers and brands while making their purchase decisions.

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    • Ahold Increases Loyalty and Basket Size With Personalized Coupons

      Whether it’s a coupon for half price, buy one/get one free or a simple 20 percent off, shoppers are still attracted to good deals. There was a time when retailers could distribute coupons in mass quantity to get consumers in the door and increase basket size, but now the digitization…

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    • The Death Of Brand Loyalty: Cultural Shifts Mean It's Gone Forever Forbes

      In the old days, consumers would find a brand that did what it promised: perhaps Tide detergent to erase grass stains, Bounty paper towels to wipe up spills, or Frosted Flakes to start the school day right.

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  • Press Releases

    • Catalina Appoints Andy Heyman As CEO

      Catalina, the personalized digital media company, announced today that Andy Heyman has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Heyman previously held the position of senior vice president and president of NCR Financial Services for NCR Corporation, a global leader in omni-channel solutions that enable more than 550 million transactions daily…

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    • Catalina Introduces Flexible Time-Off Policy

      Catalina, the personalized digital media company, today announced a new Flexible Time-Off policy giving employees more freedom and encouraging a strong work-life balance. Instead of balancing a predetermined set of vacation days each year, employees will now have the opportunity to manage their personal time off in partnership with their…

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    • FMI Midwinter Executive Conference

      Scottsdale, AZ
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