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    • How to Create Content for Every Shopper's Double-Helix DNA

      Shoppers expect personalized experiences. And now, thanks to rapid evolutionary advancements in marketing technology, it’s becoming a whole lot easier to turn them into buyers.

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    • Cookie-Driven Multi-Touch Attribution Models Require A Holistic Approach

      Most traditional multi-touch attribution (MTA) models continue to deliver incomplete shopper insights by focusing on digital versus multiple channels.

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    • Taking on challengers: how established consumer goods companies need to rethink their strategy in an evolving market

      Large, established brands must adapt and innovate as niche players pick off consumers. For big, established consumer-products manufacturers, growing - or even just maintaining - market share has become a bigger task than ever as the rise of so-called challenger brands make inroads into mature markets.

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    • 'Data nerds' take over Catalina’s latest B2B advertising campaign

      Catalina Marketing wants shoppers to know they have a team of nerds on their side who “eat, sleep and breathe buyer behavior data.” The mantra is part of a new B2B ad campaign launched by the St. Petersburg company that once was known for its in-store coupons but now focuses…

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  • Press Releases

    • Catalina Expands Its Leadership Team In Tokyo To Accelerate Growth Across Japan

      Brett Wayn Named President and CEO of Catalina Japan, Sean Chu Named Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer

      TOKYO, Oct. 9, 2019 – Brett Wayn, who joined Catalina Marketing Japan as interim Chief Operating Officer in Nov. 2018, has been named President and CEO of the growing operation. Meanwhile, Sean Chu has been hired as Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, reporting to Wayn. “Japan is recognized worldwide for…

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    • Catalina Launches “Nerd On Your Side” Ad Campaign Via DNA

      B2B Effort Highlights How Company’s Deep Data Expertise Measurably Lifts Sales

      ST. PETERSBURG, FL, August 22, 2019 – Catalina Marketing, the market leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media that converts shoppers into buyers, is launching a new B2B ad campaign that celebrates “the nerd on your side” company narrative – as personified by its team of data nerds who…

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