• Capitalizing on Consumer Shopping Behavior

    At Catalina, we do more than target consumers based on demographics alone. We see consumer shopping dynamics related to a brand, and know how and where to reach the right consumers based on their actual purchasing behavior. Catalina’s deep shopper insights drive lift and loyalty because the consumer is at the heart of everything we do.

    • We understand the shopping preferences of 80 percent of U.S. households based on two years of purchase behavior

    • We derive brand and category insights from the world’s largest database of shopper history

    • We spot actionable consumer trends specific to your brand in real time

  • Catalina's Shopper Insights Lead To Unmatched ROI

    By truly understanding consumer shopping behavior, Catalina helps its clients minimize the waste that comes from talking to the wrong consumers—and avoid missed opportunities. With our unique shopper insights, you can strengthen your marketing plans and solve tough challenges by creating highly customized, measurable campaigns that resonate with your most valuable customers.

    • We rely on sophisticated analytical expertise and actionable data to create the industry’s strongest audience targets and campaign designs

    • We link precise insights with the ability to activate specific consumers with customized messages and incentives

    • We measure campaign results against specific objectives and targets, and close the loop on ROI based on in-store sales

Catalina maintains the largest shopper history database in the world. This unrivaled set of consumer purchase data allows us to easily identify new consumer trends and actionable insights — a winning advantage for our clients.


When it comes to identifying trends in consumer behavior, Catalina is ahead of the curve. By analyzing consumer shopping behavior of more than 260 million unique IDs, we’re able to distill unique shopper insights that enable our clients to make smarter strategic marketing decisions.

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