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We turn data into actionable insights. You drive brand performance.

*Offer valid for clients or brands new to Catalina. Omni-media (cross-channel) plan co-investment offer applies to $50,000 minimum investment, matching dollar for dollar up to $150,000. Qualifying spend and omni-media (cross-channel) co-investment applies to Catalina media delivery cost only — in-store, digital or L2C. Does not include redemption or digital measurement costs.

HUB360 Pro

HUB360 is your real-time self-serve solution designed to help optimize media and better understand shoppers.

Weekly Buyer Info

Access to shopper transaction data in actual stores, giving you real-time buyer insights that help identify growth opportunities and execute media, now.

Relevant Data

Delivers insights relevant to the way you do business. Choose the investment level that offers the best control for optimizing your media.

Precision Targeting

HUB360 simplifies your data, giving you a 1:1 understanding of your most valuable buyers’ behaviors, so you can talk to the right buyers for your business.

Sales Shift Reports

HUB360 provides real-time and relevant insights – like who your brand's new buyers are, competitor benchmarks and buyer migration KPIs.

Inflight Performance Details

The HUB360 Multi-Touch Attribution is tied to real-time purchase data, so you can see inflight which channels and campaigns are bringing new buyers to the category.

Media Across Channels

HUB360 attributes media engagement across channels and devices throughout your buyers’ journeys so you can pinpoint paths to conversion.

HUB360 PRO No Representation Without Optimization.

Get a holistic point-of-view on the performance of the brands you represent with an all-in-one portal that allows you to understand audience behaviors before, during and after your campaigns.


  • Audience-specific Performance and Trends
  • Audience-specific Shopper Profiles
  • Supports Syndicated and Custom Audiences

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