Using precision-powered marketing and an intimate understanding of shopper behavior over time, successful brands are creating meaningful engagement, improving ROAS (return on ad spend), converting shoppers into buyers, and generating massive gains in awareness, trial, volume, loyalty, and retention.

New Podcast from Catalina

Understanding and Leveraging Buyer Behavior at Scale

In this exciting three-episode podcast, we explore buyer behavior and learn how successful retail brands are generating trial, differentiating their SKUs in a crowded marketplace, and preventing defection by leveraging big data, AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, merchandising, personalization, and consumer marketing - at a mass scale.

Accelerating a brand and building volume

What can a yogurt purchase teach CPG marketers about acquiring customers, building volume and accelerating purchase volume? In the first installment of this exciting podcast, learn about buyer science and customer acquisition with data scientists from Catalina marketing. The question isn’t just how to get consumers to notice and try your product, but how to turn them into loyal, repeat customers.

Differentiation - overwhelmed by choice

Every year there are 10,000+ new CPG products launched and within two years, 85% of them are gone because people don’t remember to buy them again. In a sea of choice, CPGs must fight to stay relevant with distracted shoppers. In this episode, we explore what it takes for CPG companies to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and discuss the challenges of staying relevant in the mind of a distracted shopper.

Building loyalty and reducing defections

Is there a science behind a beautiful relationship? In this episode from Catalina, we explore buyer science and dive into a consumer’s relationship with a brand - starting with the new-and-novel phase, where consumers try a new product; the comfortable, loyal phase, where consumers settle into their preferences; and eventually, the break-up phase, where consumers get curious about other brands.

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