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David Glogoff

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer

David Glogoff

As Catalina’s Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, David leads Catalina’s Legal, Global Security & Privacy and Facility & Real Estate teams. With a people first approach, David blends legal and business acumen to balance risk management with the company’s global growth strategy, while ensuring that Catalina’s people remain its greatest asset.

He serves as a strategic adviser on domestic and international matters across all of Catalina’s operating markets.

Previously, David was General Counsel for Aimia Proprietary Loyalty US Inc., leading M&A activity, as well as complex commercial agreements on loyalty programs and technology platforms for major retailers. He also served as the Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, responsible for risk management and business continuity planning for the U.S. While at Aimia, David created a contract services team to improve cycle time for customer and vendor contracts, and implemented six sigma processes.

Earlier, David served as Chief Legal Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of Vertis Communications, taking on leadership of a number of functions as he guided the company through reorganizations and, ultimately, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy sale. Earlier, David practiced litigation, business and finance law at Flood, Johnson & McShane; and Smith, Stratton, Wise, Heher & Brennan. He graduated from Tulane University School of Law after attending Hobart College and Oxford University as an undergrad.

As Catalina’s Chief Administrative Officer, David also leads the People & Culture and Global Security & Privacy groups.