Tricia Manning

EVP, Global Operations

As a 22 year veteran of Catalina, Tricia brings deep insight and understanding to her role as Executive Vice President of Global Operations.

Manning oversees Catalina’s U.S. and European operations teams, managing our global units in a joint effort to streamline processes such as implementing and using common content management and network support tools, capitalizing on best practices and standardizing and simplifying overall procedures through Performance Excellence.

Since joining Catalina in 1993, Manning has been responsible for driving revenue, improving profitability and promoting customer satisfaction through high quality execution and delivery of Catalina products and services, in addition to driving operational initiatives to streamline and automate. She has led a variety of transformational initiatives, positively influencing and enhancing processes across the organization.

Previously, Manning held roles in Catalina’s Human Resources department, supporting the health and business development divisions in their efforts to recruit, train, develop and retain top talent. Manning holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida State University.